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Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 1: Changes

I looked over at Constantine's table again. He was still looking at me, while his brother and sister were talking to one another. I realized that it was just the three of them. No one else was around them. I couldn't stop staring at his glorious and beautiful face. His eyes were locked into mine, like his eyes were mesmerized to mine as well. He motioned his head, giving me a sign for me to join them.

“Oh my gosh! He wants you to sit next to him! He wants you to sit at his table! Go for it Tori,” Tammy said excitedly to me. My gaze was broken when Tammy's words penetrated the silence in my world when Constantine and I were gazing at one another. I stopped staring and looked over into reality at my table. I then shook my head, telling them no. I didn't want to sit with them. I was too uncomfortable from Constantine acting like a jerk a few classes ago.

“Come on Tori! Go for it,” Kelly said.


“Fine, then I'll push you there!” Chloe said as she got off her seat. She walked over to my side, pulled me to my feet, and began pushing me to the table.

“No, Chloe! Stop!” I screamed as I screeched my feet onto the floor, hoping my strength would help me. Chloe has gotten much stronger since the last time she pushed me to something I didn't want to do. I realized I was hyperventilating as I got closer to their table. I closed my eyes, hoping this wasn't happening.

“Good luck Tori,” I heard her say to me in my ear.

I opened my eyes, finding myself sitting next to Constantine. I snapped my head to Chloe, watching her skip away with a huge smile on her face. I glared at her as she got to our table and smiled. The girls looked at me and waved at me with the biggest smile I've ever seen on them. “So . . .” I heard a voice next to me.

I snapped my head toward the voice, finding Constantine's face close to mine.

“Ah!” I screamed and fell off my seat.

I then heard Jesse and Emma chuckling. “Do you usually act like that O'Dell?” Jesse asked me, looking over at me from the other side of the table.

“I do when someone's face is 5 inches close to my face,” I said grimly, my face turning red.

Constantine was chuckling as well. “Sorry, I won't do that again. I just wanted to see your reaction if I was that close,” he said to me, slightly laughing and giving me his glorious smile.

“Wanted to see my reaction my butt! You did that on purpose,” I said to him as I got off my back and punched his arm. His arm was as hard as a rock that it nearly hurt my fist. “You already know how I act, so you did that to make me fall over and hope I'd die,” I yelled at him, hoping I'm explaining well enough for him to understand.

“I did not do that on purpose! And I wasn't hoping you'd die at all and I wasn't expecting you to fall over,” He snapped at me, glaring. His eyes flaring into mine as I glared back. His face then calmed down, his eyes relaxed and looked at me mockingly. “Although it was funny this time instead of what happened last night,” he said teasingly, with a mischievous face.

I glared at him.

He glared back at me.

I never realized it before, although he looked frightening, he still looked beautiful. I kept my eyes on him, watching for movement that he'd make. He never moved an inch, in fact he never moved at all. He was like a statue, a god-like statue that I'd stare at for hours and hours.

“Ok, stop glaring at each other. We're not having a staring contest, unless Tori feels like losing that contest,” Jesse broke the silence and our glare.

“Jess, don't tease Tori that way. What if she's good?” Emma defended me.

“Nah, you always say that, they always lose,” Jesse said confidently.

“Wanna bet?” Emma roughed up her voice.

“You're on,” Jesse said, sounding serious and shook hands with Emma.

I sighed from the thought that Jesse and Emma are betting I'd lose to Constantine. I looked at Constantine again, hoping my glance would be shorter than it usually was. Wrong! I looked at him for at least half a minute without him looking at me.

Emma moved from her seat next to me and leaned closer to my ear. “Hey, try kicking Constantine's butt. I only have a $10 on me and Jess is always begging for at least a $20,” she whispered in my ear.

“I'll try,” I said loudly. Meaning both I'll try winning and I'll try the contest.

“Great. Let the games begin!” Jesse said enthusiastically.

Constantine sighed and moved his body forward to me.

I did the same.

“Ok, keep your eyes closed until I say “go.” No blowing at each other's eyes, no poking their eyes out, and no clapping in front of the person's face to force them to blink,” Jesse said to us seriously.

I knew the rules so well. I knew the cheating ways of winning the game. But Jesse pointed out all those cheating ways. I had an advantage of winning the game anyways. I wore contacts that could make me last longer in a staring contest, so I wasn't too scared of losing. I wasn't terrible at the game, but I wasn't good either. I would tend to win every so often. But I won more often because of my contacts. I watched Constantine close his eyes slowly, still watching me until his eyelids were completely closed. I closed my eyes, readying myself, blinking under my eyelids to moisturize my eyes.

“Get ready...” Jesse said seriously. I felt Emma move from my side to the other side next to Jesse. “Steady...go!”

I shot my eyes open. I watched Constantine stare back at me. His face was too amazing to look at. I wanted to look away to hide my face from blushing, just from looking at him. His blue eyes reminded me of the ocean and the clear sky that I missed back at home, in Los Angeles. Just looking at him this long wanted to make me cry, to look at something so glorious. It hurt to look at him.

“One minute,” Emma said, watching us closely that she was leaning closer to Constantine and I.

Wow. One minute. My competition with other people back at home would last a few seconds, but this was pretty long.

“Three minutes now,” Jesse said, looking at his watch.

My eyes became foggy, but I kept my eyes open. Constantine kept his eyes on me, he was never distracted by anything when we kept our eyes on each other. My eyes were beginning to water and his eyes seemed fine.

“Five minutes,” Jesse said.

“My eyes burn,” I said through my teeth.

Constantine laughs hard enough that he closed his eyes. “Sorry, it's just funny how you're trying your hardest to win,” he said to me as he laughed.

Jesse and Emma turned to him with amazement. “You . . . lost? Who are you and what have you done to Constantine?” Emma asked with shock.

I looked at the in confusion. “I'm guessing he doesn't lose often,” I said to them, looking from Emma and Jesse to Constantine.

Jesse shook his head slowly in disgust, his eyes closed, he folded his arms across his chest. “Constantine you disappoint me. Now I owe Emma,” he told him, his eyes serious.
Emma chuckled and straightened out her arm in front of Jesse. “Pay up!” she said to him mockingly with a smile on her pretty face.

Jesse rolled his eyes. His hand searching through his pockets, and slapped the $20 in her hand. Emma looked at her new earned money, suspiciously. “Thank you,” she said to him, sliding the $20 in her pocket before walking away. I watched her walk away, nearly looking like a happy cat, walking across a field of dead mice.

I a felt a slight vibration under my feet. I thought it was nothing, that there was a group of people running down. I shrugged and began walking to my table. The vibration became more violent as I walked closer to my table. I was about to reach for my bag until I heard a scream from behind. I looked back and saw people running away.

I looked up and saw a missing piece of the ceiling was falling towards where I was standing. I jumped away, but hit the edge of a bench from the table, forcing me to fall onto my butt. The piece of the ceiling fell on my left foot, breaking my foot. I heard my foot crack even when I screamed in pain. I tried to pull my foot out of the huge boulder, but it was too heavy for me to push off.

No one came to help me. Everyone ran away from the falling boulders from the ceiling, leaving me to die. I looked over to Constantine's table . . . no one was there either. I wanted to cry, no one came to help. None of my friends came to help me, not even Constantine came to help me. The earthquake became more violent as I sat there, praying that someone would come save me.

I heard snaps at different times from above, sparks came falling like snow. I looked up, the wires of the lights above me have broken, there was only one wire left that was keeping the lights from falling onto me, crushing me into mashed potatoes. I watched the lights in horror, forgetting that there was a oversize boulder on my foot. The pain was forgettable. I then realized the lights were slowly leaning to the ground. I began pushing the boulder off my foot again, the boulder wouldn't move out of it's place. I heard another snap from above. The lights were going to fall on me!

I placed my hands above my head, my face facing the floor, my eyes shut. I was ready for my blood to spill all over the spot I was trapped at.
“Tori!” I heard a furious voice.

I heard footsteps running to me, but it sounded far away for me to hear. I'm going to die, I repeated in my head numerous times.
No you're not, I heard something in my head. What?

I heard a crash above me. I was trembling, afraid that if I looked up, I would face my death immediately. But I knew I was going to die. I slowly moved my head to the lights that were about to fall on me. But the lights were about a few inches away from my face. My eyes widened, afraid that it's just a dream and that I'm dead now. I looked to the side of me, looking at what caught the lights. I was dreaming, I knew I was, but something told me I wasn't dreaming or dead. I thought I saw a slender body laying on the ground a few feet away from me, a pair of white arms, stretched out, holding the lights above him to prevent a five hundred pound electrical mechanism squishing me to a pulp. The lights were thrown 20 feet away from me.

“Tori, are you ok?” a familiar voice asked me. I looked to the voice, looking into the face that I thought to never see again. “Tori, are you ok?” he repeated to me slowly, moving a huge chunk of my hair away from my half covered face.

“Yea . . . I'm fine,” I whispered. Frightened. Confused. Happy. Those were the three things I felt at that time. “How . . . how did I . . . live through that?” my voice cracked when I spoke. Fear was in my voice and my thoughts. I was afraid to ask how he was there when I nearly died again.

“A part of the bench saved you, be happy that something that tripped you saved you,” Constantine said to me, trying to push the boulder off my foot. He seemed to use most of his strength, more strength than I did when I tried to save myself.

“No . . . I didn't see that. I saw . . . you. You caught the lights,” I said to him, my voice still trembling from the shock.

“Thats stupid. How could I carry something as heavy as that if I can't even move this stupid boulder?” Constantine asked as he kept trying pushing the boulder off me. I stayed silent, thinking of the right answer to respond to his question. But the thoughts kept becoming a mountain of questions of my own. I felt the boulder move a bit, I remembered the pain of the boulder on my broken foot.

“Ah!” I shortly cried out. The boulder slowly moved, inch by inch it would pain my foot even more. I helped push the boulder off me, it helped a little bit. Soon the boulder was off me for real. My foot pulsing in pain from the pressure it was in. The earthquake finally ended, the ceiling stopped breaking and falling to the ground.

“Here,” Constantine took my arm and lifted me off the ground. I took a step on my broken foot and felt searing pain.

“Ow ow ow!” I screamed, lifting my left foot off the ground, putting all my weight on my other foot.

“Don't use that foot!” Constantine yelled at me furiously. He began walking me to the exit. He walked me out, where most people were now. I saw terrified faces, tears of fear, and injured people. I realized I was getting dizzy, still in shock from what had happened.

“I need to rest. Let me lie down for a while,” I said to him in a low voice. I tried to get out of his grasp of holding me up, but he wouldn't budge.

“I'm not letting you lie down here. I'm taking you to the nurse's office,” he said to me, adjusting my arm onto his shoulder.


“Conner . . . would you rather be surrounded by people all over the school than be around just me and the nurse?” he asked me as he kept walking me to the nurses office.
I was furious, but he did make a point in his thought. As we kept walking, I would walk slower and then a little faster, remembering the pain that pulsed in my foot. Constantine stopped and then picked me up off my feet, carrying me in his arms.


“I'm not going to drop you,” he said to me, holding me close to him. I held onto his neck, a little scared that he would drop me from holding me too long.

He chuckled at how my muscles never relaxed as he held me. “Relax. I promise I won;t let you fall. You already fell today, so I thought it wouldn't be fair if you tripped twice in one day. No wait, three times in one day,” he laughed, remembering that I was nearly killed twice today. My face turned red from remembering what happened this morning.

“That was really cruel to make fun of how I was killed today,” I said to him, looking away from him. He laughed an angelic laugh. The most beautiful laugh I've heard from a boy. He opened the door to the front office, using his knee to keep me from falling to my feet, and entered inside. “She got injured during the earthquake Ms. Cope,” he told the red haired woman at the front counter.

“Oh dear,” she said, hearing her get off her chair to go up and check on me. “Take her to the nurse's office. The nurse will help you,” she said me.

“Thanks,” I said as I was in a daze. My sleepless night was beginning to attack me all at once. I tried to keep my eyes open, but it was no use. I fell asleep in Constantine's arms as he carried me to the office. I felt him place me on the the brown vinyl mattress that was covered with crackling paper. I finally fell asleep when I heard Constantine speaking to the nurse about me going to the hospital to get a cast for my leg.

I woke up what felt like a few seconds later, but the background has changed. I realized I wasn't at school anymore. I turned my head slowly to look around the familiar car.

“Hey your awake at last,” I heard an angelic voice next to me. I turned my head, my eyes half open and partially squinting from waking up in an unfamiliar place. The owner of the beautiful voice looked at me with a smile. “Hey.”

I look at him calmly, feeling pleased and relaxed. Happy. “Hey,” I responded with a slight smile.

“You don't need to worry. I'm taking you home. So you don't have to feel uncomfortable or glare at me for no reason when I'm doing a good deed for you,” Constantine said to me, looking back at the road. “Unless am I too late and you don't trust me again?” he asked me, looking at me from the corner of his eye. I didn't answer him, I just looked out the side window as we drove past the wall of trees. I realized we were driving faster than I thought, but somehow I didn't feel scared about it. “Are you ok?” he asked me.

I look at him again. His eyes had a little worry in it, like if I told him to back off or if I wasn't ok, then he'd break into a million pieces. “I'm fine. Didn't I hear you say that you were taking me to the hospital in the nurses office a while ago?” I asked him, as I adjusted myself to feel more comfortable on the passenger seat.

“I think it would be best if you stayed at Tammy's place. I mean, you don't want too much attention at a hospital, being O'Dell's kid and all, you'd bound to get a lot of attention,” he chuckled. He did make a point though. I shrugged and daydreamed. I drifted into sleep again, how I wished I didn't. I wanted to ask Constan— Conner about what happened when the earthquake nearly killed me. I was still confused about how I lived through something that was impossible to survive from.

I fell asleep, relaxed, no pain in my leg. I then felt a cold hand on my forehead, stroking my hair from where my hair begins on my forehead. Conner's hand was soft, softly feeling my skin. He gently slid his fingers from my face, down my neck, and to my arm. His touch was soothing. His cold fingertips somehow felt like it was burning me, that his fingers were cutting through my skin and to my flesh. I fell asleep, as his touched relaxed me, taking me into everlasting sleep.


Mar 27, 2007
Great start so far very organized and put together good job.


Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Thank you sooo much guys. The comments came in quicker than expected. Enjoy chapter 2!!

Chapter 3: Fear

I woke up again in my room. I sit up, looking around in my dazed state. I looked at the time at my alarm clock on my nightstand that was on my right shoulder of my bed. It was eight at night. Joy, I thought sarcastically. I started my day nearly getting killed. Can my life get any better? I thought to myself. I take the sheets off of me, and threw my legs on the floor. I then heard a “bam” on the floor and felt pain on my left leg. I looked at my leg, trying to remember what I did to feel so much pain.

There was a long white cast binding my leg. My eyes widened in horror, man my day gets worst and worst each minute. I was trying to remember if I went to the hospital to get the cast or if a doctor came to the house and binded the cast onto my leg. It bothered me both ways, but I wasn't going to sit around and do nothing.

I got off the bed. Hopping on my good leg to the door.

“Tori? Are you awake?” I heard Chloe ask from downstairs. I guessed my hopping made them jump when they heard something jumping upstairs.

“Yea. I'm awake now. How long ago was I asleep? And when did I get this cast on my leg?” I asked them, as I used the wooden bar from the stairs to help support me while I hopped downstairs.

“You've been asleep since you got here around the afternoon. And you've that cast since three this evening. Constantine told us so,” I heard Kelly said.

“Did you hop down here without your crutches?” Tammy asked me, sounding surprised and worried.

“What crutches?” I asked her, looking a little scared from her reaction when she looked at me crutch-less.

“I guess the doctor didn't leave them when he gave you a cast,” Chloe said.

“Constantine was worried, he wouldn't leave your side,” Kelly giggled. My eyes widened and my heart began racing.

“He was here? Conner was here? He was watching me sleep this time when you guys were away?” I asked them, hyperventilating and sounding too excited, even for me.

They looked at one another, looking confused but then smiled and turned to me. I looked at them with confusion. I blinked a few times and then realized what they were thinking. “Wha— you think I care he was here?” I tried defending myself. “If you're thinking that, its not what you think!” I screamed, as I backed away from them into the next room, until I hit something behind me. I felt around at what I hit with my hand as my body was still facing the kitchen. It felt like a body . . . a man's body.

“Yea . . . Constantine was here. He's still here,” Kelly giggled, still touching around at what I hit. I got more nervous as I was still touching his body.

“I'm guessing you told her I was watching her when she was 'among the dead,' ” his voice chuckled. He then placed his hands on my shoulders, his gentle touch made me shudder and formed goosebumps around my arms.

I jumped away, hitting my broken leg on the floor. I showed no pain in my face even thought it hurt inside and glared at him with one eyebrow lifted. He looked at me anxiously, blinking out of confusion. “I didn't do anything wrong, did I?” he asked me.

I kept my glare at him. “No,” I snapped.

“Come' on Tori. Stop being mean to Constantine and say “thank you” to him for bringing you here safely. All he did was watch you when you slept,” I heard one of them said, but I paid no attention to who said it.

“Well. I think I'll go to bed, it's been a long and terrifying day. With Tori nearly getting herself killed and all,” someone yawned.

“Well, I wouldn't have a broken leg if one of you saved my butt,” I said them, keeping my glare at Conner.

“Well . . . we panicked. We didn't know what to do. Be happy that you left the cafeteria with a broken leg than dead, okay?” one of them snapped at me. I didn't bother to look at who snapped. I didn't care.

I heard all of them leave us. Either walking to their room next to the front door, or going up the stairs. Feeling them staring at us was driving me off the wall as Conner and I kept our stare for more than five minutes. When I heard all of them lock their doors to their room, I kept my gaze at Conner for another minute.

“So . . .” Conner broke the silence before walking over to the sofa. “Have you had any lucky speaking to your vampire friends?” he asked me, looking at me when he reached the sofa with a smile.

I looked at him surprisingly. Baffled. I couldn't find words to reply. He became a little impatient from waiting for my reply. “Oh, sorry. You kind of caught me off guard,” I told him.

“Huh? How so?” he asked me. He pat the extra space next to him on the sofa, telling me I could sit next to him. I thought my heart wouldn't stop hitting my rib cage. I slowly went to the sofa and sat next him, but just a few inches away from him. He seemed close enough that I could touch him if I wanted to lean toward him.

“Well . . . it's just that whenever I spoke about vampires or anything thats in 'creepy' world, guys would think I'm weird or ignore the subject. But you're the first that remembered about me trying to speak to vampires,” I confessed to him when I was comfortable enough next to him. I could of sworn the sofa got smaller and smaller each second. But it turned out that we were leaning closer to each other, when I realized it, I leaned away to give him more room. But Conner stayed where he was, like he was waiting for me to go up to his face and poke his eyes out. “Its just that guys hate it when girls like me talk about nothing but vampires. They would always tell me to shut up when I bring up the subject,” I said later after leaning away.

“I actually don't mind. Its pretty rare to find girls like you who are interested in blood-suckers. I thought it was intriguing how someone would read a book about how to talk to them. I find it attractive to find someone as interesting as you,” he said, giving me a crooked smile.

Interesting!? Attractive!? Were those the words he used to describe how I was? My head began spinning that I became dizzy. I wanted to fall to the ground and stay there from embarrassment and from feeling sick to my stomach from dizziness. I realized I was hyperventilating, I got more embarrassed that I took a pillow and shoved it up my face.

I heard him laugh quietly, probably from my behavior no doubt. I wanted to punch his arm to make him stop laughing, but my arms wouldn't move from keeping the pillow at my face. “You are interesting,” he chuckled. I couldn't believe I was confessing things that made me self-conscious about myself to someone I just met. And he's dazzling me with words about how interesting I was. The room kept spinning. His words intoxicated me.

Confused. Scared that this was all a dream. Hoping that I'd never wake up.

“How am I interesting?” I finally spoke. Taking the pillow off my face, looking into his dark blue eyes. “I'm a weird girl that believes in dangerous fictional creatures. I'm probably speaking to nothing after trying to contact vampires,” I said, putting the pillow down in between us. I was feeling more uncomfortable each second that passed. Was I keeping him away? Am I pissing him off by talking about vampires like the other men that I shunned away.

“Ok, you're not weird. You're just different compared to all the other girls here. You're different in a special way, thats what makes you interesting. All the other girls are the same. They care about how they look and what people think of them, they talk about nothing but boys or going to the mall. But talking to you . . . it just catches my interest. You look different, think differently, act different . . . it's what makes you Tori, right?” he asked me, looking down at the pillow. But it looked like he was staring at my hand on the pillow.

I was blushing, my face was all red. My heart wouldn't stop pounding. The thought of touching his pale hand was swimming inside my mind, all I wanted to do is touch his smoothing-looking skin. “I guess,” I said to him, his eyes looking into mine, hypnotizing.

“You guess?” Conner asked me, his eyes looking at nothing but me. I couldn't look away from him. I heard something sliding, his hand was sliding towards mine. I couldn't look away, I couldn't move my hand, I was frozen. I was like a mouse looking into the eyes of a snake. Paralyzed.

I finally moved my hand away when his fingertips touched mine. He hesitated and folded his arms to his chest. They were cold, just like the time a few hours ago when his fingers were traveling down from my face to my arm. I was scared of what would happen if it went any further. “Um . . . sorry if I make you sad about asking you this. But, won't your family wonder where you are?” I asked him. I was disappointed in myself for asking him that.

I felt like crying.

“There's no need to worry. I already called them, telling me that I was going to watch over you,” Conner said to me, giving a gentle smile . . . dazzling me again.

“They're not pissed about it?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Well, they were pissed. They don't want me to stay over here, thinking I'd go crazy for staying in a house full of girls,” he answered me. “But I really don't care. Your friends are gonna be asleep, and I should at least watch you for a little while,” he said kindly.

“But you need to sleep too, you know” I pointed out.

He then laughed. “You don't need to worry about me, I hardly sleep at all anyways. Theres a reason why I have purple colored bruise-like bags under my eyes,” Conner said, pointing at his bags under his eyes. Even if he did have bags, he still looked beautiful. “You need to heal now,” he smiled then flicked my cast. He leaned in forward towards my face. His face was so close that our nose could touch each other if one of us moved. My face turned red when his breath would hit my face. His cool breath soothed my tense body. I was scared to see what would happen next.
I was scared . . . to fall in love again.

“You should get some sleep Tori,” he said at last.

I blinked once, a little dazed of what just happened. “Yea . . . I think you're right.”

He smiles and gets off the sofa. He took my hand and pulled me to my feet. He then picked me up off my feet and carried me up the stairs, pressing me close to his chest. “Dude, let go of me!” I screamed at him.


“Conner! I demand that you let go of me now!”

“I'm not letting go of you. Its better I carry you up the stairs than you trying to get up the steps with a leg like that.”
I scowled at him. “We're not married, so you don't have to carry me like I'm your newly-wedded wife,” I mumbled.

“Well, you are pretty enough to be a bride. Maybe more beautiful if you were wearing a white dress and carrying a bouquet,” he said looking down at me with a smile.

I blushed from the thought of me being a bride. But I shook it off me. I was also afraid of thinking of marriage. I also thought of it with Derek, but once we broke-up, that fantasy was broke to pieces. Never to be fixed ever again.
He opened the door to my room, I didn't even know how when he was carrying me in his arms. He took me to the bed and placed me on top of the sheets. He then walked backwards a few inches away from me and sat on the edge of the bed. “Being a little safe about how you'd act?” I asked him, crossing my good leg over my cast.

“Yea. It's best to be a little farther away from you on a bed than on a sofa. Can't be too comfortable,” he smiled.
“I understand,” I smiled back.

We were silent for a long minute. Looking at one another. His beauty seemed to radiate the entire room. My room seemed to be like a graveyard compared to his pale skin.

“What are you thinking?” he asked me, his eyes looking at me from under his eyelashes.

I was completely dazzled from the way he looked at me, he seemed serious all of a sudden when he asked me what was in my mind.

“I was thinking of why you were acting like a jerk today. You seemed kind-hearted earlier in the morning. But at school, you were being such a punk that it drove me off the wall. In fact the way you glared at me . . .” I stopped there.

“The way I glared?” he was looking at me, waiting for what I was about to say before I stopped.

“It scared me. You frightened me whenever you glared at me. I wanted to hide in a box each time I thought of your eyes staring at me like you were about to murder me in my sleep,” I explained.

It was silent for another minute, my face looking down at the patterns of my sheets. I made him angry again, I just knew it. I was too scared to look at him, to see the same angry eyes I saw earlier in the day.

“I scared you?” I heard Conner ask me. I looked up at him after he asked. He looked sad, like he was about to fall into pieces like I imagined before.

“No it wasn't your fault. It was mine. I probably pissed you off this early morning. So you probably had a reason to be angry at me,” I hesitated in explaining to him of what I thought. He looked up at me, confusingly.

“Pissed me off?” he looked more confused.

“When you were wondering why I didn't trust men, I thought I pissed you off because you seemed to want to know me better,” I told him.

“No, you didn't piss me off. It was actually my fault that I was acting that way. I didn't do it on purpose, I swear,” he took my hand when he was apologizing to me. I felt a shock going through my arm to my spine, I couldn't move my hand away from his cold hand.

“What was the reason then?” I asked him. His jaw tightened and his hand gave my hand a light squeeze.

“I can't tell you.”

“Why not? We're friends aren't we? You can tell me.”

“No, I can't tell you. I'm not even supposed to be near you,” he told me.


“I just can't Tori!” he said to me infuriately.

“Conner, it's probably not that bad is it?” I asked him, placing my hand over his. He slid his hand away from my hands.

“It is that bad. I'm not even supposed to be here. But I somehow can't,” he said, looking down at the sheets.

The thoughts of what I told Kelly began hitting me once Conner said that he somehow couldn't leave. Her words were bashing into the walls of my skull hard enough that my head could break. He wants to get to know you. He likes you, kept repeating in my head. Does he like me? Is this all an act?

“It's something you have to keep a secret? To keep yourself safe?” I asked him, my voice cracking.

“Yes. I'm not supposed to be here, be around you. Its just . . .” he stopped and looked at the sheets again.

“You don't have to tell me then. If it's that important, I won't get myself up your butt just to know something thats a secret you can't tell,” I told him. He looked up at me, surprised at me. He seemed relieved, but still surprised. I looked away and took the sheets from under me and slid into the covers. My good leg then hit Conner's butt. “Oh sorry Conner,” I apologized.

He lightly smiled at me and moved off the bed. “It's ok,” he said to me, keeping his smile at me.

I couldn't look away from his smile. It drove me off the walls to keep staring at him, I must of scared him then. “What are you thinking?” I asked under my breath.

He hesitated for a second.


“Come' on.”


“Ok, fine,” I gave up before placing my head on my pillow.

He moved away toward the desk at the window. He took the chair from the desk and carried it with him toward my bed.

“I'll stay right here.”

“Are you sure you don't want to bail before you go 'crazy' over staying at a house full of girls?” I teased him.
He smiled at me from teasing him. “You, I can deal with. But the other girls like Chloe and everyone else . . . now thats different,” he joked.

I laughed from that. “Thats true. There's no stop to their fan-dom,” I said to him, keeping my smile. He smiled back at me, locking his eyes into mine.

“It's getting late. And it looks like your getting bags under your eyes,” he said, placing his fingers under my eyes. Softly caressing my bags. I looked away from him, his hand moved away when my head moved. “I can leave if you want me to,” he said under his breath, just ready to walk out the door.

“No . . . I guess you can stay. I just feel uncomfortable that a boy is going to be watching me as I sleep,” I said to him sleepily. The urge to sleep was taking over me again. I wanted to sleep or eternity at that moment, but at the same time I didn't want to go back to the black water that was my dream whenever I slept.

Conner looked at me as my eyes slowly closed. “You're not going to rape me as I sleep right?” I asked him. I was still suspicious of him being with me.

“I won't lay a finger on you,” he promised.

I eyed him for a little while. “Keep your promise,” I told him before I fell asleep. I knew I was becoming a different person. The ice in my heart began to melt every hour of time I was with Conner. I was truly afraid to fall in love again. Scared of being with him all the time and then feeling hurt when he gets tired of me. I didn't want to fall for him, but the heart and the mind think differently. My heart is falling for him, when my mind tries to shun him away by instinct.
I didn't dream of anything. It was just another dreamless night like it always have been. But somehow the dream of darkness felt unfamiliar to me, like a stranger of a different darkness has creped into my mind and made things feel unfamiliar.

I slowly opened my eyes, feeling a little bright light hit my eyes. I looked around my room, watching the dark light shine in my room. I looked to my left and saw Conner. His arms were folded onto the bed and his chin was laying sleepily on his hands. His eyes were closed and he was as still as a statue.

I sat up from my bed and remembered the pain in my left leg, but ignored it. I watched Conner's still form. I reached forward and touched his hair with just my fingertips. It was soft, smooth, and clean. It was hard to believe that this was a boy's head of hair.

He smiled. “Having fun with my hair?”

I jumped from the sound of his voice. I didn't notice he smiled until he spoke. He opened one eye and kept his smile in place. I was a little embarrassed that he knew I was petting him.

“I think you should go. It's morning and you should get ready for school. I mean, you haven't taken a shower, you haven't done your homework, and you need a new set of clothes for the day—”

“It's ok. You don't need to worry about me,” Conner laughed, interrupted me.

“Yes, but because of me that you haven't done your homework or bathed.”

“I finished my homework ages ago, and I can always use the showers in gym. And I have a new set of clothes at school. I hate carrying my different pieces of clothing each day, so I take a bungle and stuff them in my locker.”
I looked at him weirdly and looked at the time again. “Well . . . I think you should leave anyways, since the girls will go crazy that you spent the night here. And they should wake up around this time, so the madness will begin once I get ready. So get out before you see them,” I said, pointing at the door.

Conner gets off the chair and begins walking to the door. He turns around and watched me getting out of bed. “I'll bring your crutches to school since you don't want to hop around all day,” he said with a smile before walking away. I heard him walk out the front door and heard a roar. I then heard the wheels of a car screech out of it's spot and drove away.

That was the second morning he was in this house and before he drove away before I went to school. I walked over to my bag and got my make-up and shower materials. I walked out of my door and into the bathroom. I had to hurry and shower as fast as I could, I needed to do my homework. I took my five minute shower and dried myself as fast as I could. I skipped blow-drying my hair and went straight to my backpack.

As all the girls woke up, I did my homework as I listened to everyone scurrying around getting ready. I finished my homework just after everyone went downstairs to have breakfast. Chloe made pancakes and place a stack of four pancakes in front of me. The huge stack in front of me was “all for my health,” or “to help me avoid starving myself.”
I finished my breakfast before everyone else, since all I had for food was the cereal yesterday. I walked out the front door before telling the girl's that I'd meet them at school. It was raining cats and dogs when I got outside. I didn't run for my life to get in the car, since my leg was broken, but I slowly walked to my Mustang. My hair was already wet anyways, so I didn't really care. I started the car and drove away from the house before I knew it.

I didn't even realize when I reached the school. I was already there before I woke up from my daydream. I couldn't remember what I was daydreaming about, but I do remember that I enjoyed it.

I got out of the car and slammed the door behind me. I slowly walked to a whatever bench I found, watching all the girls running for dry shelter. Once I reached a bench where the rain was still pouring on it, I threw my backpack on it before I took my seat. I lied down on the bench, feeling the rain pouring on my face, and closed my eyes. My muscles relaxed and I fell asleep.

I remember that I dreamt of Conner . . . holding me close to him. His face was hidden behind my hair, his face on my shoulder. His fingertips touching my neck and smelling my hair. This has to be a dream I kept thinking. I couldn't help but blush from the dream of him being forward towards me. I felt his breath against my neck. He then kissed my neck softly, his lips were as cold as his fingers. That made my face turn a rose red. I felt a shiver go down my arm to my leg on the right side of my body from where Conner kissed my neck. He pushed a little bit of my hair out of his face and kisses my neck again. Conner I said silently to him. You don't need to worry. You can trust me, he whispered in my ear. He gently touches my neck again and kisses it once more. I then felt his breath and felt something sharp piercing my skin.

Blood . . . streaming down my neck. Shivers of fear was going through me. Conn . . . Constantine— I said under my breath.

I woke up with my eyes widened with terror and tears in my eyes. The rain kept pouring onto me, my body was twitching from fear.

“Tori are you ok?” a voice called out.

I didn't notice until I heard it. Conner was looking at me , his head was looking down at me with worry. “Yes?” I answered, more tears falling down to my ears with the rain.

“What are you doing? You're going to get a cold if you stay out here. And the bell rang, you have to get to class,” he told me, taking my arm. He pulled me up to my feet and picked up my bag. He handed me my bag and also gave me crutches.

“Here's your crutches,” he said to me, his hand still holding my elbow. I took the crutches from him and began walking my way to class. “Will you need help?” he asked me as I kept walking.

“No. I'm fine. Thank you though,” I called back to him. I was scared to think of what I dreamed about. I was terrified to think if it was just a dream or it was a dream telling me that it's the truth. Whatever it was, I was confused to have thoughts of it. I was scared to think . . . that a boy that saved me from the earthquake . . . was a vampire.


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Great chapter I thought I was reading a book there for a moment good job xD.


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well technically, the first chaoter you read was half of chapter 2. MY friend took chapter 1 nd half of 2 and so u read 3. And now you may read 4. Thanks guys for supporting

Chapter 4: Dream Walker

School went by faster than I thought. I couldn't remember what I learned in class. I was daydreaming most of the time, thinking if my dream was a dream. Or if its something that is true. Gym was coming closer and I didn't know if I could stand looking at him after dreaming of something so terrifying. The bell finally rang and I was off to gym.

Kelly caught up with me, she tried speaking to me, but I ignored her. Still in my dream world. She stayed quiet all through when we reached the locker room. I walked to the teacher telling her I couldn't play anything for a while until my leg healed completely. She told me I could sit at the benches in the basketball court and watch everyone play.

When I reached the court, I didn't see Conner anywhere. I felt a little sad, but relieved. I walked to the benches and sat on one of the first few benches. I watched everyone play dodge-ball, jumping away from the ball and throwing them at everyone in sight. Kelly was being beaten to a pulp out there, but it was funny to watch.

“Tori,” I heard a soft voice in my head. I thought it was just my imagination and ignored the voice. “Tori,” it repeated.

“Yes?” I thought in fear. There's a voice in my head and it was scaring the living soul out of me.

“It's ok, you can trust me,” the voice spoke out. I can trust him? I thought to myself.

“Who are you? What are you?” I asked him, suspicious of why I can hear a voice in my mind when everyone else here are acting like everything is normal.

“I can't answer you any of those questions. You'll have to figure it out for yourself. But I can tell you that there is evidence of what I am from your dream,” the voice explained to me. Why did the voice sound familiar? Why did it tell me if I could trust it? Why is all of this happening to me?

My dream . . . the dream I had just a few hours ago that haunted me during my classes. “A vampire?” I asked, my voice in my thoughts sounded like I spoke from under my breath.

The voice was quiet. I heard nothing from it for a minute. “Are you afraid now? Now that you're able to contact a creature of my race?” the voice asked me. I couldn't think of what to say. My effort to try and speak to a vampire has all been wasted. All I had to do was sit and wait. I didn't have to do anything the book said.

“No,” I spoke out.

“Thats disappointing Tori,” he said to me.

“Please . . . tell me who this is. I know that you're around here. If you weren't, then I wouldn't be speaking to anything at all. So you must be a student here,” I said in my thoughts. Excited. Scared. Both emotions caught in between.

But the voice never answered back. I waited patiently for it to ring out. I tried to remember why the voice sounded familiar. Only one word came to my mind when the bell to rang. Constantine.

Time went by slower this time. Conner wasn't sitting next to me like he did yesterday. In fact he was nowhere in sight from where I could see of the classroom. I waited for the voice to talk to me again in my mind while I was daydreaming in class. I wanted to hear his voice again, wanting to know if the voice was Conner's or not. I was up to the point of thinking about talking to Conner alone at lunch, until I heard a growl in my mind. “Pay attention!” the voice roared at me. I snapped out of my thoughts and finally realized where I was.

The bell rang. I took my crutches and walked out of the classroom towards lunch. I walked to the one of the dry benches and sat there, barely awake and unaware of my surrounding. I took out my lunch bag and took out a peanut butter sandwich with a thermos full off water. I ate my sandwich quietly, thinking of only Constantine's voice in my head. I saw Jesse walking with Emma towards where I was, absent-minded that I was there.

“Hey guys,” I said calmly.

They looked at my direction and looked excited to see me. “Tori, there you are. Are you feeling ok?” Jesse asked, noticing my leg.

“Yea, I'm just great. Have you seen Conner? He wasn't in gym or history. And I saw him this morning before school started,” I told them.

“No, haven't seen him since yesterday. By the way, did he do anything stupid to you last night?” Emma asked me, looking at me with curious eyes.

“Nope. He was completely innocent. We did nothing but talk,” I told them.

They both looked at each other, not believing me of what I just told them. “Are you sure this is our Constantine?” Emma asked me.

“I don't know. But he was nice last night to take care of me,” I said, clueless of the pointers they were telling me.

“Now that part is Constantine,” Jesse laughed. “We're going to get lunch now, so see you later Tori.”

“See ya guys,” I said back to them before taking another bite of my sandwich. My theory of Constantine being a vampire came back to my mind when they left. Is Constantine the only vampire in his family? Do they know? Are they vampires as well? Those questions crept into my mind slowly. I was thinking through if it was safe to be around them or not.

I took a slow sip of my water from my thermos before I heard “Tori.”

I took a gulp too fast that it went down the wrong pipe. I was coughing and looking around to where the voice came from. “Tori,” it repeated before I saw a face sitting next to me.

“Ahh!!” I screamed before falling over.

I heard him laughing before I reached the ground. I got off my side and onto my butt again. “Stop doing that,” I said to him seriously, glaring at him.

“I'm sorry. It's just so fun to do that to you,” Conner laughed.

“Are you the one?” I asked him, becoming serious, jumping off the subject of me being as scared as a deer in headlights.

“What?” he was confused.

“Are you the voice? I remembered why the voice sounded familiar to me. I thought you were planning on staying away from me. Because you're . . .” I stopped at that. I was afraid people might come by and hear me saying something about vampires. If Constantine was a vampire, I shouldn't even talk about to anyone.

He was quiet for a while. He was staring at the ground the entire time I told him about what I thought. I wanted to know the truth, I wanted to know if he is what I thought, or the voice that I heard.

“Constantine . . . are you the voice or not?” I repeated the question.

“I don't know what you're talking about,” he growled at me. Frustrated about the change in the subject from a happy and funny thing to something that would piss him off.

“Yes you do! You know what I'm talking about. It's your voice and you're warning me about it, so why don't you just stick to your own words?” I asked him, getting angry that he wouldn't answer my question.

“Tori I can't answer your question,” Constantine calmed down, taking a deep breath.

“At least . . . if you are the voice, tell me in my mind,” I told him, my volume has gotten lower.

“I can't do that either,” Constantine said. His eyes then widened when he just realized he answered one of my questions. A slight grin then formed. “Well, you caught me.”

“You are . . . you are one of them aren't you?” I asked him, a little confused from my mood swing from frustrated to excited.

“I am,” I heard the voice in my mind.

I looked at him with surprise in my eyes. He gave me a gentle smile when he looked into my eyes. “So you trust me now?”

He shrugged. “That depends. Do you trust me?” he asked.

“I wonder why I'm sitting here then,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

He laughed at my sarcasm. “Thats true.”

“And besides. I wouldn't be alive if you didn't save my ass. Even if you saved me . . . if I was like other stupid people, I would stay away from you, or at least walk away once I saw you.”

He nodded from my explanation. “That is also true,” he chuckled.

The bell rang once he finished his sentence. I sighed from the thought of going to class. I felt like going home like I did yesterday, since I wasn't in the mood to go and learn more crud that I already learned about. He got up before I did and picked me up by my arm. He picked up my crutches and passed them to me.

“Thank you,” I said to him shyly.

“Will I see you after school?” he asked me when I adjusted to my crutches.

“If I haven't been killed yet. It might happen in Chem, no doubt,” I rolled my eyes.

“Nothing is going to make your head explode and I'll make sure your face won't get burned either,” he told me sarcastically.

I sighed. “I burned my face once when were trying out chem in middle school, and burning your face is not a fun thing,” I told him grimly before walking to my next class.

He gasped. “I was just joking about you burning your face. Don't you have a scar from it?” he asked, checking my face. His face was closer to my face than I wished.

“I'm not that delicate. I've injured myself more than I should, I've become a fast healer,” I told him, uncomfortable about his face being so close that I could head-butt him easily.

“Well . . . don't burn yourself again. And if you're as fast a healer as you said you are, then maybe your leg will get better in four months,” he said with a smirk, trying to keep his laugh inside.

I rolled my eyes and pat his shoulder. “You're allowed to laugh at my clumsiness of getting myself killed everyday,” I said as I walked away.

He laughed as he followed me. “No, I'm just laughing at how you're built and how you act around me.”

“Laugh when you get to your classroom, so stop following me,” I told him, quickening my pace.

“I'm going the same way you are. You're going to get a cold if you don't bring an umbrella,” he told me. I heard the worry in his voice. I looked at him, no emotion in my face.

“I told you before. I'm not that delicate. I haven't gotten sick since I was nine, I think I'll be fine.”

He shrugged and looked at where I was going. I went through my pocket to get my schedule out. The signatures from my teachers I had a while ago was still on there, no smug on them. My jacket was long enough to keep things in my pocket dry. I then felt a presence over my shoulder, looking at my schedule.

“Do you mind not looking over my shoulder. You're sending shivers down my spine.”

“But it's fun creeping you out. What else can I do if while I'm walking behind you?” Conner laughed.

“Conner stop it! It's not cool to do that when a girl like me can sense weird thing around her!” I screamed at him.

He sighed. “You know . . . it's kind of weird how you call me Conner when everyone else calls me by my name. I kind of feel uncomfortable about it.”

“Why do you feel uncomfortable about it? You wanted me to call you Conner when I met you.”

“Well . . . I guess I'm not used to it yet. Since you're the first to call me by a preferred name,” he shrugged, looking indifferent.

I reached my classroom, Conner behind me. “I'm getting the feeling that you're in this class.”

“Yep,” he said enthusiastically, walking gracefully to his lab table. I shrugged off the envy of how beautifully he walked and began walking clumsily to the front of the class. I probably looked ridiculous next to him when we walked next to each other.

I got the teacher's signature and began walking to an empty lab table.

“Ahem! Why don't you sit next to me? I'm lonely,” Conner's voice broke the silence in my mind. I chuckled and looked towards Conner's direction. He was looking at forward, towards the teacher. He didn't look at me once when I was moving away to an empty seat.

I walked over next to him and took the empty seat next to him. “Lonely my ass!” I repeated in my mind, loud enough for him to hear in his thoughts.

I kept repeating the same line. I was hoping it would annoy him enough that he would fidget. “Shut up Tori!,” he finally screamed at me in my mind.

I giggled when he finally snapped. If I could annoy anyone without saying a word out loud, I would annoy Conner.
Class went by really fast. We just did worksheets the entire time. There were a few things I got confused about, so Conner helped me out on those questions. “Ok, seriously. This question has been hitting the walls of my head for a while. How old are you? You seem to know more of this than I do,” I asked Conner.

“Will you be disappointed once I answer you?” he asked me a few seconds after I answered.

“Dude. I know what you are. I won't be disappointed since I've been in love with vampires all my life, I know you're going to be a lot older than you appear,” I told him as I did a bit of my work.

“Well . . . I was born 1734. And I died in 1752,” he answered me, while looking over my shoulder to check if I wrote the right answer on one of the questions.

“Wow, you're older than I thought,” I said. I didn't sound as surprised, I just sounded like I was expecting him to be around that age or younger.

“Hey you're right. You're not as surprised as you said. You are different compared to people,” he laughed. His laugh made me smile when I finally heard it privately.

“I have another question.”


“Am I the only person you're able to talk to? Are there other people you can talk to?” I asked him. Millions of questions were flying everywhere in another corner of my mind. I was hoping that part of my mind he couldn't hear, that way I didn't want to annoy him.

“I can only speak to the vampire-believers. Whoever I speak to are people that know or believe that vampires exist. There's not a lot of them, but I can hear and talk to people in their thoughts,” he answered me.

“I can also speak to vampires, but I read their mind and not speak to them. That way there's no evidence that I went through their mind. Like I'll know what they're planning and won't say a word. If they were planning on hunting someone and we wanted to protect them, then we'd protect the victim.”

“Thats actually really cool. So seeing that you're still talking to me, am I the only person you can talk to?”
“Well, your mind is easier to talk to. Because you fully believed in vampires before you found out about my family,” Conner told me, sensing a smile forming on his face.

The bell rang and everyone ran out of the class like the saw a snake crawling up someone's neck. I took all my books and Conner helped me get them all together, knowing I'm barely handicapped.

“This is kind of weird to me,” Conner said after we walked through the doors.


“Well, it's just that its your second day here, and you're already close friends with someone you shouldn't even be near,” Conner looked uncomfortable about the subject, yet he was still telling me either way.

“Well, thats also your fault. You just keep on coming back to me. You're like a boomerang,” I laughed.

He laughed with me. “I guess I am.” We stayed quiet after our good laugh. He walked me to my next class before stopping at the door. “So I'll see you after school?” he asked me.

“Yea, sure. What do you want to do?” I asked him, looking up to him. He was taller than I remembered.

“Not sure. Do you want to go walk in the forest?” he sounded calm about it.

“I thought you said there were wolves out there,” I looked at him suspiciously, confused that he changed his mind about my safety.

“There are. But since I'm going to be with you, you'll be fine,” he grinned at me. I blushed from the thought of him protecting me from wolves that could attack at any moment when we were going to be in the forest.

“I guess. I do want to explore a little bit of my surroundings.”

He smiled. “I'll see you then.”

I smiled back at him. I began walking away, I was about to go through the door before I felt a strong hand grab a hold of my arm and pull me towards it. I then hit Conner's chest . . . holding me close to him. He gave me a light kiss on the head before letting go and looking at me. “Don't trip while you're in there.”

I blushed as I watched him walk away gracefully. I got pissed that he told me not to trip in class, even though he knows I'm not that clumsy. So I took off my shoe and chucked it at him. The shoe hit his head and he looked at my direction, like I just called him. Like I never threw my shoe at him.

“I'm not that delicate you know!” I screamed at him.

He gave me a wide smile and knelt down to pick up my shoe. He walks back to me and handed me my shoe. “What do you want me to tell you then?” he asked me, his voice quiet.

“I don't know . . . pay attention in class?” I shrugged.

“Well, looking into your thoughts, you'd get pissed about that too,” he laughed.

“Ok, so I can't think of anything. But anything works besides 'don't trip and kill yourself.' It's just not right to say to a girl who can't walk when she has a broken leg,” I told him.

His hands slide to my hands to over my elbows. He gives me the most beautiful smile and locks his eyes into mine. “Pay attention during class then,” he told me quietly.

I rolled my eyes. I knew he was trying to dazzle me again. “I'll pay attention, since I know what's going on now.”
He looked at me, unemotionally. His head leaned in closer to mine, slower than it usually would. My heart began beating into my ribs. My face was beginning to become red and my mind was went blank. His got closer and closer each second. I then closed my eyes and pushed him away. I then ran to my classroom before the bell rang.

I took a deep breath and looked out the door. He wasn't there anymore. I slowly walked to the side of the classroom to see the teacher, the eyes of students following me and whispers making an echoing wave across the room. I kept hearing “he nearly kissed her,” or a “what does Constantine see in her?” Once I reached the table, the teacher took out a stamp and slammed it onto my schedule.

“Um . . . thank you,” I said as I walked away. There was a desk across the room in the corner, a perfect spot for me to sleep.

I did sleep through the 45 minutes of class. I dreamt of nothing most of the time, until Conner spoke to me 15 minutes after being asleep.

“I'm sorry Tori. Stuff like that never happens to me. That was all new to me too, I couldn't control myself,” Conner apologized to me.

I kept my eyes closed as I spoke to him. “It's all cool. I was a little scared that you were going a little too fast. And you are. I'm just not ready to be really close to someone of your gender,” I confessed to him as I faked sleeping.

“Hm,” he huffed.

“What?” I asked, confused of what he was making a fuss about.

“You're not afraid that I'm a vampire, and yet you're terrified about being kissed by a boy. There is no way that you can stay in the same level of interesting,” he laughed about.

I stayed quiet, a little angry that he was saying the facts. So what if I'm scared of something that may happen to girls everyday, but I am different.

“Dream . . . Walker,” I thought under my breath.

“Hm?” he lost me after a said it.

“A Dream Walker. That's what you are. You walk into people's dreams. And today, you've walked into my dream. You walk into the dreams of people who believe that creatures like you exist.”

He stayed silent. I wasn't quit sure if he was silent in amazement of what I thought or quiet and laughing that I was wrong.

The bell rang. I had a feeling I wasn't going to forget our event after school.

“Meet me at your place?” he asked me as I packed up my things. I was trying to decide whether it was a wise choice to meet at my place, where killer fans would attack Conner once they see a hair on his head, or to meet him somewhere else.

“How about I go home and get into appropriate clothing and I meet you somewhere in the forest,” I told him, as I took my crutches and walked out into the rain.

“You won't get lost right?” I head his voice next to me. I looked over at him, he was leaning on the building looking at me. I was surprised of how fast he got there, but I should of expected that, knowing vampires are faster than the imaginable.

“I won't get lost,” I told him before walking away. I was quit sure, he would protect me. I could feel the emotion in him after speaking to him for nearly the entire class. He was willing to protect me. I was grateful to have him by me.


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Yeah I know xD considering how long and detailed it is great job!


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thanks guys XD. Here's the new chapter I finished like two months ago. I seriously started this story that long ago

Chapter 5: Love

I walked to my car and started it before I adjusted to my seat. I drove off as fast as I could to avoid the traffic. I got to the house before the other girls. I walked up to my room and went through my closet. I seriously had nothing to wear. All I had was dark clothing and jeans!

“Wear a skirt,” I heard his voice in my head.

“Why?” I asked him as I chose a black tank top with a dark blue-black jacket.

“Just trust me,” he said before he left me alone.

I was quiet until something came up in my mind. “Can you look into other people's minds by sight?”

I heard him laugh for half a minute before he answered. “No, I can't. You don't have to worry about it.”

I sighed in relief. I went through my drawers to find a skirt. In luck, I had only one skirt. I took my jeans off and slipped the skirt on me. It was looser than the last time I wore them. I took my crutches and walked down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen and took a banana off the counter.

I then heard the door open and felt a gust of wind behind me. I smiled and turned around slowly with a grin on my face. “Can't stay away can you?” I asked him, being a little playful.

He chuckled and shook his head slowly as he laughed. “No, I can't seem to stay away.”

“You're lucky that the girls are into flirting with boys after school and driving back home slowly. If they didn't do any of those things, then they'd be here by now.”

He shrugged. “Well, I guess I am. And I guess I'm lucky that one person in the world knows about my existence of the other world.”

“Thats poetic,” I smirked before taking a bite of my banana. I totally forgot my manners after I took a bite. I swallowed the banana in my mouth and looked over at him. “I'm sorry. That was rude of me. Do you want to eat anything?” I asked him, a little hesitant.

He smiled at me and shook his head slowly.

I then realized what he was trying to tell me. “Oh . . . right. Vampires don't eat,” I felt stupid that I forgot about that. Am I going to forget a lot of things whenever I'm around him?

“We eat human food whenever we want to. We'll just have to hurl it back up. And we do eat something else that you can't.”

I nodded, biting my bottom lip. “Right.”

I turned around and took another bite of my banana, embarrassed that I humiliated myself of my absent-mindedness. “Sorry that I'm taking so long,” I apologized to him as I threw away the banana peel.

“I don't mind. I just need to be patient. There's nothing challenging about it.”

I grinned from his statement. I was happy to know that he doesn't mind me being slow for my actions. I looked over my shoulder to take a peek at him. He was staring at me with a gentle smile on his face.

I was confused why he was smiling at me for. “What?” I asked him, turning around and keeping a serious face this time.

He laughed. “I'm just smiling because I could sense that you were happy just now. Well . . . you're still happy, you're just hiding it behind your poker face,” he said to me as he walked to me. He raised his hand and traced his fingers on my lips. “So soft,” he said under his breath.

My heart leaped just from his touch. His fingers were cold, but became warmer as his fingers was soothing my lips. “You're nervous,” he said to me after the silence was broken.

“You can feel emotions too, I guess. Lately I've been feeling your's as well. I'm just confused about it,” I said as I stepped back away from him.

His head turned towards the front door. “Your friends are here. I'll see you in the forest,” he said to me before he disappeared right in front of me. I looked around, realizing that his kind had incredible speed as well.

I sighed. “Is there anything else he's not good at right now from what I know?” I asked myself.

I heard footsteps coming closer to the door. “Tori, are you here?” I heard one of them ask me.

“Yea, I'm here,” I answered them.

They all came to the door and saw me in the kitchen. Chloe was the first person to realize what I was wearing. “Toooriiii . . .” she said to me slowly and had suspicion in her voice, “what are you wearing?”

The girls to turned to me and examined me. Their eyes widened, they all know what that meant.

“Tori, why are you wearing a skirt? You only wear it one special occasions,” Kelly said to me.

“What if I feel like wearing a skirt today?” I defended.

“Ehhh Wrong!!” Tammy yelled. “It's a boy isn't it!?” she came closer to me, her face inches from mine.

“No it's not! I saw the weather channel, and they said it's going to be dry today. And knowing me, I like to wear skirts when it's not freezing wet,” I said.

We then heard a ring at the front door. Chloe ran to the door and I ran after her. “No Chloe!” I screamed. Too late. She opened the door as fast as she could, she became frozen when she stared into the eyes of the boy I was going to walk with in the forest.

“Ka . . . Ka . . . Constantine . . .” she was speechless, shock in her voice. Her voice was noticeable to know what she was feeling. Once Kelly and Tammy heard his name, they ran to the front door to see if Chloe spoke the truth. They were wide eyed.

He just gave them the same gentle smile he'd give me. “I'm guessing you never told them who you were going to be with,” he said to me. I glared at him after his little joke.

“You did this on purpose didn't you!?” I screamed at him in my mind.

“What? Can't a guy have a little fun?” Conner laughed in my mind. “I'll be stealing her for a while. Will you girls mind?” Conner snapped a crooked smile at them. They said nothing of course. He leaned forward to me and took my hand. He then gently pulled me towards him and led me to our trail in the forest.

We were walking in the forrest for a while, his grip on me became stiffer as we paced in silence. "Ow, Conner. Loosen your grip, you're hurting me," I complained. But he ignored me.

We stayed silent for a while, I could feel the aura of him becoming angry.

We stopped about half an hour later, he let go of me and looked around us, like he was making sure a bear wasn't going to jump us. I then felt a gust of wind behind me. Conner looked at it seriously. I followed his gaze and met Jesse in front of me.

"This is stupid Constantine. Why would you stay by her when she's not like us?" his voice was serious.

"We're not here to argue, you're here to do what I asked you to do. You do anything to her that I won't like, and you're done for," Conner threatened.

Jesse huffed and kneeled down to me. He touched the plaster that covered all my leg, took a deep breath, and concentrated on my leg. My cast began to glow a light green color. I felt my bones coming back into the right spots, like they were merging together. I looked at Conner in confusion.

“You don't need to worry. Jesse's a healer. He's here to heal your leg,” Conner told me calmly.

“What were you guys arguing about? I got most of it, but why was Jesse made at you about me being here?” I asked Conner as I stared down at Jesse.

“He's angry because it's not really normal for any of us to be around humans this long. He's angry that you know about all of us and that he can't stand you being this close to me, when he wants you.”


“Not in that way,” he chuckled. “What I mean is that you look too delicious for him to stand. It was hard for him when we picked you downtown when we met.”

“Oh ok. Well, that doesn't bother me, besides him wanting to drink me dry.”

After a few minutes of silence. Jesse got up and looked at me. He then looked at Conner. “Just a little?” Jesse asked.

“No!” Conner roared.

Jesse huffed again before taking off with the wind.

Conner comes up to me and places his hand on my shoulder. “You'll have to explain to everyone at school about your leg healing fast.”

“Yea, I thought I would.”

“You got to get home. The girls might want to go hunting for my house to figure out what I'm doing with you,” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes before walking away. “Hold on!” he grabbed my wrist. “I don't think you want the wolves to eat you, since it's getting dark now.”

I sighed and then looked at him. “Fine. Whats the vampire way of traveling?” I asked sarcastically.

I laughed, he walked past me by a bit, before grabbing me and throwing me on his back.

“Hold on to me tightly unless you want to fly off my back,” he said excitedly.

I stiffed myself before wrapping my arms around his neck and folding my legs around his waist.

Before I knew it, we were off. The wind was blowing in my hair, the cold air hitting my face, nearly freezing it. It felt nice though.

I wanted to look around to see what Conner could see, but I was too afraid of getting nauseous. I buried my face on his shoulder, my eyes shut.

Once I was hoping this could last forever, it all stopped in under a minute. I slowly looked up, staring at my house. “Time to get off,” I heard Conner.

“Oh. Are you ok? Did I choke you while you were running?” I asked him, I was a worried that I hurt him as he was running with me as his backpack.

“It's no big deal. You didn't hurt me at all. You'd have to be an actual vampire to hurt me, you know,” he smirked.

I slide off his back, nearly losing balance for a moment before I froze to my spot to regain consciousness of my surrounding. “Are you ok?” Conner asked me, watching me and securing me.

“I'm fine. I'll live. Just let the blood rush into the frozen part of my body.”He laughed about my spazziness. “Guess I'll see you later,” he tried to say calmly, but failed at it.

I began walking to the front door in a lazy zig-zag kind of pattern. “Yea. I'll see ya tomorrow,” I replied back to him, sounding a little drunk. I heard a chuckle from behind me then it became silent.

I was alone for a while. I took my shower and did a little bit of my homework, nothing important. Once I walked into my room, all I could feel was emptiness. I felt alone, like no one was ever going to come back to comfort me in this dark hour when I needed someone to talk to.

I walked to the window to watch the rain pour down silently, the dark clouds hiding the stars and the moon. Nothing out of the ordinary came to my mind, but the same thought comes back to me once I shove it to the back of my head. Constantine.

I then felt a little gust of wind behind me, it didn't frighten me, but I smiled from it. I looked back and met Conner's gaze. “Am I a magnet to you or something?” I teased him.

He smiled and walked closer to me. “I hated the thought of you being alone. It bothered me of how lonely you were in this house while your friends were out,” he told me. He stopped about two inches away from me, I looked up to him, feeling shorter than usual.

“I have a feeling that I'm not gonna get a lot of privacy in my mind, since you're going to invade it once you get the chance,” I laughed.

“Do you want to go on a walk?” he gestured his hands to the door.

My eyes turned to surprise, I looked out the window and then to Conner. “It's raining out though!” I squealed.

“Since when were you afraid of the rain?” he chuckled.

“Never. But I could get sick. Unlike you, you don't have to worry about diseases and illnesses.”

He laughed. “It's ok. We'll be going somewhere dry,” he raised his hand, waiting for me to take it. “Trust me.”

I looked at him for a while, before walking up to him and taking his hand. “May I dress in something else?” I asked.

“You won't need to. You'll be cozy where you'll be,” Conner squeezed my hand and gently pulled me to the door.

Our drive was silent. He drove as fast as he did the first night he drove me to the house. The silence was finally broken. “What kind of music are you into?” Conner asked.

I looked at him and then to the road. “Don't laugh.”

“I won't.”

“I'm into musicals and rock. I like operas as well,” I giggled in embarrassment. I look over at Conner. His face was serious, and then I saw his lips becoming bigger, forming a smile. He was biting his lip. I sighed. “You're allowed to laugh,” I gave up.

He choked a small laugh. He looked over at me, forgetting to watch the rode as he drove. “Are you serious? You seem like the kind of person that isn't into theater. Rock music I knew you liked, but the musical thing caught me off guard.”

“How about you?”

“I'm more of a 40's and 80's person. Elvis was my favorite artist,” he answered.

“You like Elvis? Thank God, I thought I'd be the only person who loves his work,” I sighed in relief.

Conner laughed. “I'm guessing a lot of people in your old home didn't like what you liked?”

“Yep. I was the weird one. I count as an old person if I loved musicals,” I laughed.

He laughed with me. “People were cruel there.”


We got to the spot before I knew it. I looked around and heard the ocean nearby. “I'm not allowed to bring you here. But I thought I could break it just once,” I heard Conner.

I looked over at him, but he was gone. The door then opened next to me. “May I?” he asked, giving me his hand.

He smiled and took his hand. He pulled me closer to the ocean, the sound of the seagulls singing made my heart sing in happiness.

We came far enough to be at the cliffs. I look toward me. Conner's eyes were looking up to the sky. I didn't notice, but it wasn't raining. I looked up, amazed to see the star's and the moon. “Wow . . .” I was in awe. I couldn't find words to fit what I was looking at. There were so many stars, not a cloud in sight.

“We're on another part of La Push. It's raining on the main La Push, but here it's dry tonight,” Conner told me.

“It's beautiful,” I mumbled. I could feel his eyes on me.

“It sure is,” he said softly.

I looked up at him, giving him a gentle smile. I haven't smiled like that to a boy since Derek. But it didn't hurt this time. I knew at that moment that Derek is just a memory and that I got over him. And another one has taken his place.

He gave me a gentle smile. He raised his left hand and slide the back of his hand on my cheek. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath, inhaling his wonderful scent. I couldn't help but blush, warming up his cold hand from my the heat of my face. I opened my eyes again, meeting his eyes one more time. Nothing else mattered to me, I wasn't aware of my surrounding anymore.

“The light of the moon looks lovely on you,” he complemented

I bit my lip to hid the smile.

His face came closer to mine and placed his forehead on mine. “Will you mind?” he whispered to me.

“Mind what?”

“Mind that I'm here? Mind that I'm this close to you and being forward towards you?”

“No . . . I don't mind,” I answered him. My face felt innocent, I was scared of what would happen next.

His forehead moved away and slowly went down to my neck. I lifted my head, allowing him to do whatever, I didn't knowing whether to be afraid or just to forget about my instincts.

I felt his nose gliding over the base of my throat. I felt his cold breath flowing around my neck. I felt the wind flowing to his nose, smelling me. The way he was doing was sending electricity down my spine. “How are you doing?” he asked me calmly. His face appeared in front of me, his eyes calm and anxious. Our eyes were locked again. His hand was softly placed on my cheek and the other cupping the back of my neck. “Don't be afraid.”

“I'm not.”

He seemed to hesitate. I didn't know if he felt uncomfortable about this, if he's done is before but was confused about whether it was ok with me, or if he was completely new at it. His face came closer to mine, our noses touched gently, his soothing breath flowed soothly around my head, I began to feel dizzy. His eyes was the only thing I could remember, for the longest time I felt like it was only his eyes that ever existed. His lips came closer . . . closer. Until his marble like lips were pressing onto mine

Time had stopped at that time. My arms moved on its own, my arms wrapped around his neck, I also felt his hands moving to my back and pulling me closer to him. Everything else was washed away when he kissed me. I remember floating over the clouds, spinning with him slowly as we kissed. The stars and moon watched over us, protecting us from the sun.

His lips parted away, he looked into my eyes again. He looked nervous in the eyes, but satisfied in the face. “Was that too fast for you?” he whispered.

I shook my head slowly, biting my lip out of satisfaction. “No . . . it was just right.”

He smiled and kissed my forehead. “Looks like the light and darkness have finally intertwined with one another.”

“Am I the light or the darkness?” I teased.

He grinned before moving his mouth to my ear. “You're the light and I'm the darkness. But since we kissed, we're both different lights now. You're the dawn and I'm the twilight,” he said softly.

My face turned pink from his statement and the feeling of his breath in my ear.

“Will you mind? Will you mind that you'll get a lot of attention after tonight?” he asked.

“You're serious about us!?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes, why?” he kind of jumped from my loud quote.

“I thought someone like me couldn't interest someone like you,” I confessed.

“Well . . . you interest me.”

I smiled and he smiled back. He slid his hand from my back and slyly glided his fingers in-between my fingers, holding my hand lovingly. He held my waist with his other hand and pulled me closer again, kissing me that last time in that starry night.


Aug 2, 2005
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YAY! This was my favorite chapter to write. This is the new one I made a while ago, I had to redo it because somehow this chapter was deleted and I couln't remember what I put in the chapter. So I redid it and put them in a beautiful background and in a romantic spot, so there you have it. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter the most, hahaha


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Excellent chapter the story is coming together very well xD.


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Chapter 6: Thrist

For the past few weeks, it was like everything changed in an instant. The day after Conner kissed me, things have been different. People gawked at how he and I were walking close together. People seemed to forget that I was supposed to keep a cast on my leg, but they were all too distracted to see Conner with a girl in God knows how long. They stared at us like we were celebrities. The thought of everyone staring at someone as beautiful as Conner with someone as dark and punk-like as me embarrassed me extremely then. But it's been feeling normal lately. Everyday, I'd get ready for people running up to me. Asking me if Conner was a good kisser, if he and I were serious about each other, or if I loved him as much as he loved me. Even the girls I live with ask me every night if we talked about anything different. I felt like someone who worked at a newspaper company that got every information of the world before everyone else.

After that night, Conner has been very open towards me. He hasn't been around his family as often as he did before I came in and ruined their relationship. Conner has been telling about arguments he had with Jesse and the subject was always about me. Emma has been speaking to me a lot and she's been telling me how happy she was that Conner found someone of his real interest.

“The other girls he used to date were all vampires and lasted at least one and a half weeks because the girls didn't like how he believed in vegetarianism. It thats a huge offense with our kind, especially the kind of class we're in,” Emma explained to me as Conner was doing his homework next to me. It was lunch at the moment and the cafeteria was still in construction after the earthquake that nearly killed me.

“Is that why Jesse has been anti-social with Conner? Because you guys aren't suppose to be around me?” I asked Emma before looking over at Conner, but had his eyes on his paper. I then turned back to Emma again before she began confessing.

“Yea, thats the reason. Jesse has it harder than Conner and I. He really likes you Tori, but he thinks that it's best if you stay away from him, knowing that your scent is far too strong for both of us. And it's pretty strong for Conner's taste as well,” Emma motioned her head to Conner after mentioning her name. I looked over at Conner again, this time he was looking at me.

His eyes were blacker than usual, Conner would warn me once in a while to stay away from him when his eyes were black. He wouldn't tell me why his eyes would shift colors though, he wanted me to figure it out for myself. “Is my scent that strong Conner? Even for you?” I asked him seriously. He was silent, he broke our eye contact and looked at his paper. Before he finished writing his last answer, he took his paper and walked away. I was silent and looked back at Emma.

“He never told you why his eyes would shift color, would he?” Emma asked me grimly. She and I looked at one another for a while, then I looked down at the ground.

“No, he wants me to figure it out. But I've been getting a feeling in my gut that it's something that's not good. I get the feeling he's putting me in danger for not telling me.”

“He is putting you in danger, which is idiotic of him. Knowing him, he'd tell anyone who he's really serious about.”

“So are you going to tell me out of protection?” I asked her, curiously.

“Yes, I am!” she said enthusiastically. “The reason is —” she suddenly stopped there. I was confused and waited for her answer patiently. She bit her lip and had sadness in her eyes.

“Conner's stopping you isn't he?” I asked her seriously. She nodded. I sighed from disbelief. What was Conner taking me for? Is he expecting that I know everything about him? It was frustrating me. I let out another sigh and looked at Emma again. “Thanks for trying to help me out though,” I told her before taking my bag.

I began walking off as I thought of a way to scold Conner. The bell ran by the time I was half way to my chemistry class. I got there early enough that Conner and I were alone. I took my seat next to him without saying a word.

“What's wrong Conner? Why won't you tell me why it happens?” I asked him without looking at him.

“You'll have to figure it out on your own,” he snarled at me.

I flinched from his reaction. I took a deep breath and exhaled it back. “Ok, so this is another way of learning about men I see . . .” I took my time going through why men would be cranky along with what vampires would do at measures like this. I didn't notice that the bell rang when I was gliding through my thoughts until Dustin tapped me on the shoulder.

“Hey Tori, are you ok?” Dustin asked me calmly.

“Yea, I'm fine. I was just thinking,” I answered him. I heard a growl in the back of my mind, echoing through the corners of my mind. “Behave Conner,” I snapped at Conner. I heard a snarl after biting his head off.

“Ok, you just seemed mad and concentrated on one thing as you stared your lab table,” Dustin said to me.

“Did I? Sorry that I worried you then,” I said with a slight grin. Dustin smiled back and then walked away to his lab table.

I heard a slight vibration of a growl in my mind again just after Dustin took his seat. “Calm down Conner,” I told him.

“It disgusts me how he's around you,” I hear Conner said to me in disgust.

“Whats wrong with Dustin?” I asked him, angry at how he's been acting.

“Nothing that I can read. Oh wait . . . I can't read his thoughts!” Conner roared. I swore I was about to cry when he yelled in my mind. I had to fight the tears and suck it up.

“What the hell is your problem Conner? What did I do to make you this pissed at me?” I growled back at him, beating the tears back to the back of my mind, trying to forget the tears.

He was silent after that. We haven't spoken again in those few minutes of heart-breaking silence. I walked through my memories of why men would act this idiotic and rude to anyone. All there was for a while was blank images. Nothing was coming to me that would help me.

“Leave me alone already!” I heard a scream coming from the front.

“Are you alright?” his partner asked him.

“Do I seem like I'm alright?” he asked her rudely.

“Oooh, thats why,” she nodded, seeming to not be surprised of her partner's attitude. I watched them carefully, observing them as thoroughly as possible. I saw the girl pull a granola bar out of her purse and handed it to him.
I watched him eat the bar like a monster and saw his muscles relaxed. He took a deep breath as he chewed up the bite of bar he ate. “Thanks,” he said quietly.

My eye brows perked up together, making lines in between my brows and then looked over at Conner. I looked into his eyes without him noticing me, just examining them again. Conner's eyes were a jet black color with no emotion in them. They were the eyes of a predator.

“You're hungry . . . more like thirsty. You're trying to fight your instincts,” I guessed. He turned his head to me, boredom in his eyes. “If thats what it was, you should have told me, instead of risking my life and waiting for your predator side to take over and attack me at any minute,” I told him.

He was silent for a while and spoke again. “I wanted to tell you. But I had thoughts in my mind. I was looking through and seeing what you would do if I ever told you. I wanted to know if you were going to walk away from me for your safety if I told you, or you would stay with me if I never told you. I wanted to tell you to protect you. But the thought of you not being around me was crushing my chest,” he told me. His voice was quiet and shameful. I could sense the self loathing aura that was among Conner at that moment.

“I understand what you mean and both seem important in it's own way, but knowing that you wanted me to stay with you without me knowing was stupid. I'm still with you now. I know that there's a beast inside you that lusts for blood, but I'm not afraid. I'm still here,” I told him calmly. The thoughts of him feeling lonely without me depressed me inside that my chest was being beaten to a pulp.

He was silent again. I felt the feeling of regret within him. He was regretting that he made the mistake of confessing about why he was being so arrogant. “So . . . what are you going to do?” I asked him out loud, but it was too quiet for everyone in the room to hear.

“I'm going to go hunting. I'll be gone for the weekend, since my hunger is stronger. If I'm lucky and there's more animals around by the time I get there, then I'll be back in a day or so. And it's harder for me to be around you. You smell so . . .” he stopped there. I kept a straight and serious face, so the students wouldn't wonder what we were talking about.

“You can say it. It's not going to scare me,” I told him softly.

He didn't say a word until I heard a sigh. “It's hard . . . because you smell so nice . . . delicious. It's very tempting,” Conner purred.

The bell rang. Conner and I waited for everyone else to get out of the room. The whispers about Conner and I became louder as people past by our lab table. When there were only a few people left, Conner and I took our things and slowly walked to the door. “Just to be safe, I'm going to be leaving now,” Conner told me when we walked at least five feet away from the door.

“Oh . . . ok,” I mumbled under my breath, the sound of disappointment was in my throat when I didn't want it to be heard at all.

He was staring at me. I could feel his black eyes over my shoulder. Next thing I knew, his hand was on my waist. He pulled me towards me and kissed me on my head. “It's all for protection. I don't want to lose my control when you're next to me,” he whispered in my ear.

My face glowed it's red color. Conner moved in front of my and hugged me close to him that I was being crushed. “That red color of your cheeks is lovely,” he told me lovingly. I looked up to him, drowning into the depths of his eyes. I was trapped within them, there were no windows or doors to escape out of his gaze.

“I'm probably making it much worst for you,” my voice trembled.

“You are. But it's my fault that I'm making you feel the way you are. I'll leave you alone for now,” Conner told me before letting me go and walking away.

I tried to hide the emotion of sadness. Watching him walk away was making my insides bleed. I wanted to die at that moment, I wanted to bury myself in the wet dirt and suffocate myself. Conner turned to me and saw that there was sadness in my eyes so easily read that he disappeared and reappeared in front of me. He then gave me another hug. “I just can't stand seeing you like that. You're so damn cute that I can't leave,” he told me. He lifted my chin and pressed his marble lips onto mine. His lips then parted from mine and walked away.

The day passed by faster than you could ever imagine. After walking out of my last class, even though I knew Conner wasn't going to be there waiting for me, I felt nothing but despair. I drove back home without a word, lonely silence and depression controlled me.

Nightfall had fallen sooner than usual. I fell onto my bed, watching the drops of rain slide on my window. I felt like beating my head to the wall to form a hold the shape of a skull. I closed my eyes, my vision became blurry, and fell into darkness once more.

I opened my eyes again. My surrounding was different. I wasn't in my room anymore. I looked around, finding myself in a black forest. I heard something crashing from the distance, the ocean hurling itself against the rocks of the cliffs. I began walking through the forest, trying to find the ocean to admire it's surrounding. But the crashing sounded far away each step I took to come closer to it. Next thing I knew, I heard footsteps not to far from me. I stopped where I was and turned to the crackling of the branches under one pair of feet. I take a slow step to avoid making any noise closer to the lonely being in those woods of darkness.

Once I came to the right spot to spy, I stopped behind thick bushes and pushed them apart to get a closer look. There were two people, not one. I couldn't see their faces or what they were wearing. I could only tell that it was a man and a woman. The woman looked like she was my age just from looking at her features. The woman was leaning on one of the trees while the man was staring at her. I watched them carefully, noticing the man was caressing the woman's cheek and sliding it down to her neck. He moved closer to her and kissed her softly against a tall tree. His lips parted from her's and moved his lips down to her neck. She leaned her head back a bit as she allowed his lips to glide over her throat. I watched the man carefully to see if he was going to go any further than he was now.
I then noticed that he stopped where he was, his hands gripping onto the girl's arms. Her mouth was slightly open, she then spoke “No . . . no.” She then began twitching and vibrating in a violent way. Once I blinked, the woman was gone and in her place was a black beast that looked like the size of a bear. The black beast growled at the man and the roared at it. The man hissed back at the beast fearlessly. The beast leaped at the man, but the man disappeared and reappeared next to me. Once I turned to him, he was gone and on the side of the beast.

The beast roared at the man again. He stayed where he was, keeping as still as a rock. The beast leaped at the man a second time, that time, pinning him to the ground. There was nothing but silence, their eyes locked onto each other. I then smelled the scent of salty water, tears. Tears were falling down to the man's neck, I could tell since the moon was shining on him. I still couldn't tell who it was, and yet I felt like I knew the man, including the beast above him.
The beast beared it's teeth at him. Another tear ran down to his neck. “I'm sorry,” he whispered, before the beast opened it's mouth and lunged its head at his face.

“No!” I screamed, sitting up on my bed, cold sweat all over me from head to toe. A dream, it was all a dream. It felt familiar, but at the same time new. The couple were familiar to me in a way, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

I looked out the window, watching the rain drown the glass. I was thinking that it rained here all the time because someone, like God's child, was crying. I thought that someone was miserable like I was. Even worst, I felt bad for the two couples that became the blood bath show in my dream.

I got out of my sheets and changed into black sweats. I pulled my hair back in a ponytail, brushed my teeth, and washed my face. The woman and the man kept me in a daze, I didn't even realize it was early in the morning. I tip-toed my way downstairs as quietly as I could to avoid waking up all the girls.

I walked into the kitchen, took an apple, and took a huge bite of it. The sour taste made me pucker up my lips together like a fish. I took a smaller bite this time as I sat on the counter watching the drops of rain. I became calm and relaxed as I listened to the drumming sound. Since it was the weekend, I felt like doing something outside.
After I finished my apple, I went upstairs and changed into jeans, a dark blue sleeved top, black converse, and put on my old letterman cheerleader's jacket. I kept my hair in a ponytail, to give my face some fresh air. I didn't put my make-up on, so I wouldn't look like a wreck after walking out in the rain.

I walked out in the rain, towards my car. I wanted to get out of here for a little while, to get my mind off of Conner not being with me. I got in my car, started it, and drove away as I listened to “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs,” by Fall Out Boy.


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Very nice update it was well worth the wait and excitment.
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