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New member
Jun 8, 2005
Where are you now?...I can't see your face anymore
Here and there with fairytales, as happy as can be.
Then you finally come to realise,
They aren’t what they seem,

Things you first believed in,
Believed in so true,
Suddenly they’re gone,
And you’re no longer you,

The magic has all faded,
And all remains is this,
A world of pain and lies,
You don't want to see.

This world that lays before you,
Doesn’t seem so kind,
And you wish that one day,
You could go back in time...

Feels like ages since I last wrote a poem. ^.^
This poem is with the terms of growing up, when you sort of realise silently to yourself that hey everything you believed in like fairies and stuff aren’t real, and the worlds a lot more complicated.