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Be Gone



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Dec 15, 2009
Sorry, if I have been gone. So many things have came up.

Be Gone

Over the endless darkness, a boy falls.
His mind is racing a thousand places.
He can't raise his head or any part of his body.
It's like the darkness has a tight grip on him.

He manages to raise his head against the darkness.
What he sees doesn't startle or faze him.
What he sees is a redheaded man.
The man is ten years older and wears a black coat.
He stares at the man, but all the man does is just return a look.
The look is of disappointment.

The man soon vanishes after returning that look.
And, the boy keeps falling into the darkness.


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Dec 15, 2009
A little lyric I did about my life. Please comment to me about what you think.

Uncaring Bother

You think you know best.
You think you can take care of yourself.
You think you can do whatever you want without consequence.
But, guess what you're wrong.

You rely on your mom to take you places.
You rely on other people to take care of your business.
You run away when things get rough.
You expect others to feel sorry for you.
But, guess what it needs to stop.

Because, life's not about sitting on your high horse.
Because, life's not about getting your way.
Because, life's not about hurting those you're supposed to love.
Life's about giving back and loving till you can't love anymore.

So, when will you stop pulling this illusion over one's eyes?
So, when will you give back?
So, when will you stop using your disability as a scapegoat?
So, when you stop making everyone's a nightmare?
So, when you stop destroying everything around you?
So, when you wake up?

All I want to tell you is that you're better than this.
All I want to tell you is that you're ruining your life.
All I want to tell you is that everyone's hurting, because of you don't think things through.
All I want to tell you is that you need to grow up and show them your thanks.
Show 'em that you care.

You're such an uncaring bother.
You don't care about anyone else, but yourself.
You only care when it suits you.
You only care about your pity party.
Well, guess what it ends.


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Sep 25, 2010
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I like it a lot, especially the lyrics. I get what your saying and it says a lot. You did a wonderful job writing this piece.