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Fanfiction ► Absolution's Reign (A KH Story)

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Hey guys, been a while hasn't it? I've been rewriting the first 8 chapters of my original fanfic so that the share the same point of view as chapters 9 onwards, I've only done chapter 1-3 (at least I think) and need to work on getting the other ones rewritten, so bear with me if I'm a little slow with this.

For those that haven't read this before, this is a KH story I wrote based on a timeline of another user's story. It takes place one year after a story called 'Hearts of Twilight' created by the user Lycanthrope or Frozen Fate/Captain Js as some others may know him, its still on the site I think if you look hard enough, otherwise I will ask if he can either repost it or put it somewhere to download.

But enough about that, you're here to read a story right? Well here it is.


Kingdom Hearts: Absolution's Reign

Chapter One: A Reign's Beginning

My name is Draco Carvhall and I had been spending the last week on vacation at the beach with his family after enduring a grueling year of high school at the Twilight Town High School. I sat on the beach lounging around listening to his MP3’s while everyone else was swimming around and having fun, my sister yelled out “Hey Draco, come on in the water’s great!”

I stood up and thought “Oh well… why not?”, I put away my things and put my swimsuit on and jumped in. After an hour of swimming, we all got out and I went to get changed into my regular clothes, a black dragon shirt with the words “Teneo thy Fatum” which was Latin for “Know thy Destiny” and gray denim jeans.

After I had finally finished changing, I heard my sister scream. In desperation I yanked the door open and yelled, “What’s going on?” I gasped as I looked out. Hundreds of black shadows surrounded my family and started to close in. With no hesitation, I quickly ran to my bag and pulled out a pair of burst handguns which I had always carried with me.

I started firing at them but the bullets passed completely through them, doing no damage whatsoever. I kept firing and firing until one of the shadows knocked me into a sand bank, I yelled in pain and saw all of the shadows coming towards me as my family started to yell for help, but no one came, just silence replied.

As I sat there watching the shadows come ever closer I bowed my head and thought to myself solemnly “This is it for me” as my family continued to yell for help. Then, in a split second all of the shadow leapt on me and I found myself being overcome with the black darkness, engulfing me in its evil grip. But just before darkness had completely overcome me, a bright light suddenly shined in front of me.

From the light, I heard a voice saying “Don’t give up, you have the power to defeat the darkness within you!” The voice… I had heard it somewhere before, like a distant memory but I just couldn’t remember.

The bright light knocked all of the shadows away and I suddenly stood up feeling re-energized, and then a blade appeared in my hand. I jumped back in surprise and then examined at the blade, it was white with a gold chain running down it and also had a gold handle and was shaped like a key. A flashback of sorts came to me of myself wielding the blade, but I had no memory of that happening.

As I stared at the gleaming blade, I felt a strange power starting to flow through me, then my arm lifted itself and I yelled something as if something was controlling me somehow. The force of the yell caused several shadows to disappear and then hearts floated up into the air from the dark shadows.

I stood there in amazement and then heard a voice in his head saying, “I have finally returned to you”.
“What do you mean ‘returned to me’? I’ve never seen a blade like you in my life” I said confusingly.

“So the amnesia has yet to lift then” the blade said in a depressed voice, if you could even sound depressed in a mental voice.
“What are you talking about?”

“Never mind, my name is Absolution and I am a keyblade, a blade of exceptional power and strength” it said to me.
“Uh, nice to meet you, I’m Draco”

“Well then you better do something about these shadows then eh?”
“Well put, it’s payback time!”

I took the blade in both hands and rushed at the shadows in full force. One at a time I destroyed the dark shadows with Absolution as my family stood there in disbelief, but a hint of relief was there too, as if they knew about the blade.

After I had finished the last shadow, I stood there relieved, but then more shadows appeared and I leapt back saying “There’s more of these things?!? Damn it!”.

I then thought back to how I destroyed several of them by using that yell, I figured that Absolution gave me some sort of psychic powers. Thinking this I raised my right arm and yelled hard and all of them vanished in an instant.

However more shadows appeared in their place. I kept destroying wave after wave of shadows and before long the last wave disappeared. I fell to the ground exhausted my energy severely depleted, as I saw my family rushing over towards me.

“What on earth were those things?” I said out loud.
“My god they found you again” My sister said in a sad voice

“What do you mean, you know what those things are?” I asked
“Don’t worry about it Draco, you aren’t hurt are you?” my mother asked.
“I’m fine mum, just a bit exhausted ”

I just started to catch my breath when the ground started to shake, “What now?” I groaned. Out of the ocean, a huge monster rose, but it seemed different from the other creatures.

“Oh hell no! Another one of these things?” I complained.

I looked at it and thought, “No, this one is different from those other creatures”. I could sense that this monster wasn’t the same as the shadows because I could sense that this being only carried half a heart. I tried to lift up my blade but had used the last of my energy destroying the shadows.

“We have to get out of there quickly” I exclaimed.

My family agreed and my dad, Zachary or Zack as he liked to be called, lifted me up and carried me to the train station which quite far away. We tried to run as fast as we could, but the creature was rapidly approaching from behind. My dad then dropped me out of exhaustion and the creature was soon towering above us.

I tried to lift my blade again but still had not recovered my strength from the battle before. The creature stared at us leering, then it reached down to try and grab me, but before it could do so it just disappeared. With a strange black and white mist surrounding it, it quickly dissipated as it vanished into thin air. Standing in the monsters place was a teenager about the same age as me, he wore a black jumpsuit similar to those a drifter would wear and carried a long dark blade.

The teenager walked over to me and asked, “Are you all right?”
“I’m okay, thanks for saving us” I replied

“No need to thank me” he replied
Then my sister Hayley said “ It's you, it's nice to see you again”

"Wait, you know him?" I asked confusingly.
"She does know me yes, in a way" the teenager replied to my question.

"Well whatever, anyway who are you? I don't think I've ever seen you round here before" I commented.

“Oh, my apologies my name is Xonic, Xonic Cryoliz and I live in Twilight Town, same as you” Xonic explained. “So you have returned at last Absolution, it’s been a while” he said to my blade.
“It’s good to see you too, it has been too long” Absolution replied.

“Wait a minute, how do you know my blade’s name?” I asked
After hearing this Xonic appeared deep in thought and said in a soft voice, “So your memories even with your keyblade are still locked away”.

“Keyblade? What’s a Keyblade?” I asked.

Xonic turned towards me and explained, “A Keyblade is a sacred blade given only to those who have a pure heart in light, darkness or even of the twilight, which you have been chosen as”

I was stunned and then persistently asked, “Do you know what was it that I did before? I just yelled and those shadows disappeared”.
“Each keyblade has it’s own special effect or ability, in your case it seemed to bestow you with what seemed to be psychic abilities and that is an ability not common in keyblades” Xonic explained and then said in a low voice with a hint of disbelief “Hmm I guess his magic was stronger than I thought"

I sat there trying to figure out what was going on but I thought that it could wait for later and asked “Look Xonic would you be able to help us get back to Twilight Town? We’re exhausted from trying to get away from those… things”.

“Sure” Xonic replied, he lead us to the Train Station while my parents struggled to carry me to the station because I was still tired from before. When they reached the station Xonic turned around and said “Well here we are”, “Look Draco if you need to discuss this matter some more in private, come and see me at my house and I’ll tell you everything." Xonic began to say then lowered his voice and said "I hope you regain your memories soon”

I heard this and asked "Wait a minute what do you mean-" but was cut off by Xonic saying “Well, so long!” and vanished in front of our eyes. With that we boarded the train, and traveled home after a more than hectic day at the beach.
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Nice first chapter, at parts its a bit iffy
“Oh I’m sorry my apologies my name is Xonic
Like there you might want to take out sorry, and it should run smoothly,

I really enjoyed this, cant wait for the second chapter..keep it up :)


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Apr 13, 2007
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Chapter 2: Legend of the Keyblade

After the incident at Twilight Beach, my family and me returned home to Twilight Town. When we arrived they saw that my best friend Roxas was hanging around the station as if waiting for us even though we weren’t due back for another few days. I had partially regained my strength and was able to walk again but my legs felt like jelly but despite this I was able to keep my balance as I was getting off the train. As we got off Roxas spotted us and ran over, seeing me and how badly hurt I was.

“Draco! What happened to you?” Roxas exclaimed
“I’m not sure, but at least all of us made it back in one piece” I replied exhaustingly.

Roxas stood there stunned seeing how badly hurt I was, but then Roxas said “Oh! Xonic came to see me about half an hour before you got here and told me to tell you that when you are feeling better you go see him at his house you know the mansion near the Tram Plaza”.

“Thanks for telling me Roxas” I replied with a smile as my dad carried me home to our house in Sunset Terrace. For the next few days I rested at home recovering from the attack at Twilight Beach and thinking about what it was that Xonic wanted to see me about. About four days after the incident I was fully healed and was able to move around without any pain, remembering what Roxas had said earlier that week I started to walk towards the station to go to the Tram Plaza. When I arrived at the station, I saw that Roxas was there apparently waiting for me.

Roxas saw me and said “Hey Drac, you feeling better?”
“Yeah I’m feeling better now” I replied with a smile.

“Well I thought about it and I decided that I want to go with you to see Xonic”
“What for?” I asked.

“Because I want to find out what happened and why he wants to see for”. I just smiled and we boarded the train before it took off towards the plaza.

On the train I explained a partial truth of what happened making up that Xonic saved me, and leaving out that I had acquired my Keyblade; Absolution, “You say that Shadowy creatures plus a large black and white creature attacked you?” Roxas said “They sound an awfully lot like the Heartless and Half-Hearts”.

I was stunned when Roxas said this and immediately asked, “What are Heartless and Half-Hearts?”

Roxas turned towards me and said, “The heartless and Half-Hearts I’ll let Xonic explain that because he know more than I do, but I would like to tell you about another creature that existed: Nobodies.” “Nobodies are creatures created from the empty shell of the victim who had their hearts taken by heartless, the body begins to act with a mind of it’s own despite not having a heart”. Roxas added “ And because a nobody has no heart means that they have no feelings, they cannot feel happiness, sadness or even anger” Roxas continued explaining “Even though nobodies do not possess hearts they are far more intelligent than heartless because the heartless act purely on instinct whereas nobodies can think and plan, strategize their moves”

We arrived at the station and headed towards the mansion as Roxas continued explaining, I saw Roxas pause for a moment then Roxas said “Even though most nobodies become these white creatures, in certain cases it is possible for a nobody to retain their human form if they possessed a strong enough heart”.

As Roxas finished I wondered why Roxas knew so much about these creatures, because but why he did so I didn’t know and so I asked “Roxas how is it that you know so much about heartless and particularly nobodies Roxas?” as we entered the woods they both stopped.

Roxas looked at me and said “Draco, I must ask you to please do not be alarmed about what I am about to tell you, but the reason I know so much about the nobodies is because… I used to be one myself”.

I felt his heart skip a beat at the sound of Roxas saying those words and stuttered “B-But how Roxas?”

Roxas explained, “A few years ago a Keyblade master by the name of Sora lost his heart protecting his friends and from that I was created. However Sora’s feelings for his friends were so strong that he was able to keep his heart and turned back into his regular self again, but unlike other nobodies in the past I can feel emotions so I am not as empty as other nobodies were. Also because I am was his nobody I can also wield the power of the Keyblade” and saying this he stretched his arms out and as if out of nowhere two keyblades appeared, one in each hand.

I looked at the blades and said in confirmation “So then you also have the power of the Keyblade as well”

Roxas was stunned and said in a puzzled voice “What do you mean ‘as well’ Draco?”

I looked at Roxas and said “Look Roxas, I lied about what happened at the beach”

“What do you mean, you lied?” Roxas asked “Well I did tell you what happened at the beach earlier it wasn’t the whole truth, while Xonic did save me I left out one important detail, when the shadows attacked me I thought I was done for but then a bright light appeared and a voice spoke to me and from that I acquired this…” I stretched out my arm and called out to Absolution, and then it appeared in my hand.

Roxas was slightly stunned, but then again he wasn’t as surprised as I expected him to be, when Roxas finally regained himself he looked at me and said “So he has returned to you then”

“What do you mean, he ‘returned’?” I asked with some confusion in my voice.
Roxas simply looked at me and said “That is not for me to say, Xonic will explain it to you when you are ready, but I will say that this isn’t the first time you held Absolution”

“Why can’t you tell me why?” I asked.
“Because I made a promise to Xonic that I wouldn’t tell you, and he would be the one to tell you when he feels you are ready”

“When I’m ready?” I asked.
“Ready to face certain things and now I cannot say more for fear that I break that promise”

“I understand” I replied.

We arrived at the mansion; it was a two-story mansion, quite large and also looked like it was constructed a long time ago, “Man this place looks kinda creepy you sure this is the place?” I commented observing the age of the building.

“I’m sure” Roxas assured me. As we walked inside the mansion we both saw a staircase leading to the second floor and at the top of the staircase was Xonic who was obviously waiting for us.

“So you have arrived, come this way we have much to discuss” he said and led both me and Roxas into a room on the first floor. The room looked quite old, it had three chairs which were situated around a table that had been practically broken in half and a chandelier that was barely hanging off it’s chains, “Please sit down” he said, both Roxas and I sat down and then Xonic sat down himself. “So you have become the new Keyblade master” he started off “And there is a few things I need to explain to you”.

“Now Roxas did you explain everything about the Nobodies and also that you used to be one as well?” Xonic asked.

“Yes I did” Roxas replied.
“He also said some stuff about how this wasn’t the first time I obtained Absolution” I added.

Xonic looked to Roxas, then back to me and said “Yes it isn’t but I’m afraid that I cannot explain it to you yet until I know for sure that you are ready to relearn about a part of your past that you have obviously forgotten”

“Forgotten? You mean I’ve had amnesia?” I asked.
“Yes but not of the ordinary sort so conventional methods of treatment won’t work, but do not worry I will help you when the time is right”

“Well if you say so…” I said in some defeat.
“Draco don’t be like that, I don’t want to hold this kind of thing back but I assure you that it’s necessary that I wait until some things have been sorted out”

I just nodded as he began to speak again “Well the nobody part of the explanation is over and done with, so it less complicates things. The Heartless and Half-Hearts however I’ll clarify that for you” Xonic said as he paused for a moment.

“The heartless were accidentally created when a man by name of Ansem the Wise was research the darkness in people’s hearts. At the time he had six assistants, helping him with his work, one of which went by the name of Xehanort” Xonic explained. “As Ansem continued researching the darkness, Ansem had to stop his research because his assistant’s began developing an insatiable obsession for the darkness”

“When Xehanort and the other assistant’s found this out they couldn’t accept it and continued researching in secret, Xehanort stole Ansem’s identity and recorded their research in what he would call ‘The Ansem Reports’."

"As they continued research they came across the Heartless, evil creatures created from the darkness in a person’s heart. These creatures will go around stealing the hearts of those unlucky to meet one.” Xonic continued “Intrigued by these creatures they created a machine to make artificial heartless, however the experiment went wrong and lost their hearts to the darkness, all of them except Ansem. He was able to create a body for himself and proclaimed himself the ‘Seeker of Darkness’.

“What happened to him?” I asked.
“When he began terrorizing the different worlds, it was at this time that Sora, a keyblade master received his keyblade” Xonic answered.

“There are other worlds out there?” I asked with some disbelief.
“Yes there are more world’s than just this one” Xonic replied. “Anyway after Sora received his keyblade, he ventured on a journey with Donald Duck and Goofy, two people under the service of King Mickey”.

“King Mickey?” I asked with some curiosity.

“Yes King Mickey, King Mickey is the King of Disney Castle, he was the first one to realize the threat of the heartless and set out on a journey to stop them with a keyblade of his own, when he left, he left a note behind for Donald and Goofy, telling them to find Sora and stick with him no matter what” he told me.

“So after Donald and Goofy found Sora they joined him and went to the various worlds scattered throughout, vanquishing heartless and sealing the keyholes of each world, because each world has a keyhole that leads to the heart of that world, yes even the world’s have hearts” Xonic continued as I listened carefully, Roxas seemingly already knowing all this.

“After a series of events occurred, they eventually encountered Xehanort and defeated him in battle, but that wasn’t the last of it, no not by a long shot, you see after Xehanort and the other assistants lost their hearts to the darkness, their nobodies were created in human form and they became the first members of Organisation XIII”

The words ‘Organisation XIII’ seemed familiar to me, but for some reason I couldn’t remember why, so I just decided to ask “What’s Organisation XIII?”

“Organisation XIII are a group of nobodies, with Xehanort’s nobody as the leader, their goal was to trick Sora into using the keyblade to collect hearts from the heartless to remake Kingdom Hearts and regain their stolen hearts” Xonic answered.

“Kingdom Hearts? What’s that?” I immediately questioned Xonic.

“Kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds, it is said that Kingdom Hearts contains phenomenal power but has been ever seen by few” Xonic explained.

Xonic continued “After about a year in which Sora, Donald and Goofy’s whereabouts were unknown reappeared one year after defeating Ansem and set out on another journey to vanquish the heartless across the worlds and stop the Organisation achieving it’s goal”. “After securing the worlds from evil they finally defeated the organization and saved the world’s again, at least that what they thought” Xonic continued.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“That’s why I called you here Draco and Roxas, you see, an old enemy known as the Order of Shadows has re-emerged, this group of individuals consisted of nobodies who had lost their hearts but managed to salvage half or people who lost half their hearts to the darkness and thus called themselves ‘Half-Hearts’”

“Half-Hearts carry the traits of Nobodies and Heartless, they are ruthless and act on instinct but are at the same time able to think and strategize their moves, and what’s worse they can control both heartless and nobodies as well as their own personal Half-Heart army” “The main objective of the Order of Shadows is to remake Kingdom Hearts once again and become complete beings, whilst crushing anyone who dares stand in their way” Xonic finished explaining.

“Then what are we here for and why did I receive my keyblade?” Draco asked.

Xonic looked at Roxas and me and said “The fact that you have reclaimed your blade and the fact that the Order of Shadows is on the move again I believe is no coincidence. I won’t lie to you Draco, but war is coming and we are going to have to fight in it”

I was shocked to hear this and said “What? Me? Take on the Order of Shadows? But I don’t even know about my past, hell I can’t even fight! How do you expect to go up against them when I don’t even know how to defend myself against them?”

“Do not fret Draco, I will make sure to teach you how to fight so you aren’t biting off more than you can chew”

“But what about my family? What will they say about this?” I asked.

“They already know what you receiving your blade means, they already know what the Order of Shadows can do, they were prepared for this way before your blade came back to you”

“Well that’s good to know,” I said in some relief”

“Don’t worry, you’re family will be safe I’ve made sure of it” he assured me.

“Thanks Xonic”

“You’re welcome Draco, now you and Roxas better head home, your training starts tomorrow” Xonic said in conclusion before Roxas and I left the room. We both left the mansion and headed home via the train.

When we arrived at my house Roxas said “Well see you tomorrow, we’ll have lots of training to do tomorrow” and left.

I walked inside and saw my parents and my sister in the lounge room, a short time was spent as we discussed what had happened in the last two days. It was then that my father Zack got up and said “Listen son, we realise what you have to do and we all knew this was coming eventually, so don’t fret about us, we’ll be fine, don’t let worry weigh yourself down”

“Thanks dad, it means a lot to me” I replied as we spent another ten minutes discussing some things before I decided to take leave to my room. Standing there at my window, watching the view of Twilight Town, I thought about what Xonic said.

And after what had happened at the beach, I agreed with him, war was coming and we were going to be caught in the midst of it.
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