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Fanfiction ► A World In Darkness

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Oct 18, 2007
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Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
Hey, to anyone who reads this story I appreciate your ideas or critisisms. I write so you'll enjoy the story so leave any comments you have.



Caira looked out her window to see the cannons on the wall that surrounded the city firing. The Heartless were attacking again. The cannons took out the bulk of their forces so the ones that got through had to deal with the well skilled soldiers guarding the walls. The Heartless attacked every few days and they were so predictable it didn't take any effort at all.

Caira looked down several stories from her window to the street below her. People walked on doing their everyday chores, children played, and shopkeepers tended to thier supplies. Then she looked up into the starless, black sky. For as long as anyone could remember the skies had been black without sun, moon, or stars. Special street lights provided artificial daylight for the people and the plants in the park where most children played.

She turned away from it and headed over to the door opposite the window in the room. It was a comfortable place with carpeting, a stuffed chair, a big couch, several book shelves, a table, a desk, pictures on the wall and a fireplace with a big bright fire casting light in the room. When she left the room whe walked down a dark hallway and came out to a large stadium sized area. It went several stories down and had platforms sticking out. Caira walked along the outside of these until she came to a room whose wall to the hanger bay was glass. She walked in and sat at a small computer screen and spoke into the microphone.

"On." she said and the screen flicked on and data showed the condition of the building.

"It all looks good." she said to herself then after a pause said,"Check for ships in area."

NO SHIPS IN AREA displayed on the screen.

"Off." she said and the screen went black.

As Caira got up to leave she caught herself in the reflection of the glass. She looked tomboyish from her bluejeans and baggy shirt but her shoulder length blonde hair and green eye's showed she was a girl. She thought she was attractive and moved the strand of hair that was always coming loose and hanging in her face. She left the room and remembered what her grandfather said to her as they made repairs to the place.

"Just you wait Caira. The people may have lost hope but one day someone will save us from this hell and then we'll have sunlight again, real sunlight."

"I hope they come soon grandpa, I'm losing hope too." she said sadly as she walked back to her room.

When she got there the sounds of fighting had stopped and she got her favorite book from one of the shelves. It was old and was one of the oldest stores of her world, it was about a place of light called Kingdom Hearts and a hero that wielded a sword in the shape of a giant key. She found herself reading it often now. Everytime she read it she seemed to sense some other person.

"Sora look out!" yelled Kairi as a Heartless jumped straight for Sora's head.

Sora ducked and the Heartless' sharp claw missed him by inches. As it kept going over his head Sora brought up his keyblade and finished it. He then pivoted on his left foot and took out the three right behind him in a single stroke.

Riku cut down the few he had to himself with a burst of dark magic and dismissed his keyblade. Kairi finished off hers and they all met in the middle of the cavern they were in. Suddenly Heartless sprouted up all around them in great numbers.

"Man they just don't quit." said Riku as he called back his keyblade and took a fighting stance.

He turned as he felt powerful energy behind him and saw Sora sticking his keyblade in the ground as light moved from his hands, through the keyblade and into the ground. There was a bright flash of light then all the Heartless were gone.

Sora took it out of the ground and walked over to his friends. then stumbled Riku had to support him.

"Sora you idiot, you know that attack takes too much out of you." Riku said

"Yeah I know, but it sure saves time. Let's get back to Leon and tel lhim we're done." said Sora as he regained his balance.

Just so you know the world didn't die. Hope you read the rest of the story.
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Ban Mido

Kissing the skies.
Aug 24, 2007
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the Honkey Tonk.
It's a good start. Starting with one world dieing and then transitioning to the other characters, tieing them in later on. You've definatly improved.


Mar 27, 2007
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I can really see this story going relatively far on down the line, keep up the good work.


New member
Oct 18, 2007
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Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
Thanks guys hope you'll read more. Here's chapter 1. This will explain a few things hopefully.

Chapter 1
6 Monthes Ago​

"What a small world." said Riku

"Yeah, but part of one that's much bigger." replied Sora as they both watched the sunset on the poupu tree.

"Hey Riku, what do you think it was? The door to the light?" asked Sora

Riku jumped off the tree and pointed at Sora's heart.

"This?" asked Sora

"Yep, it's always closer than you think." said Riku. Sora couldn't help smiling.

"Hey!" yelled Kairi as she came running over the bridge to them carring something.

"What is it Kairi?" Sora asked when she reached them, bent over trying to catch her breath.

"This." she said as she held out the bottle. It had a letter in it with the King's seal.

"From the King?" asked Sora. He then took it and shook it to get the letter out. He opened the letter and Riku and Kairi stood by his shoulders to read too.

Sora, Riku, Kari,

Sorry to interupt you fellas so soon after you got back home but I need your help. Even though we beat Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless darkness is still running rampant. Me, Donald, and Goofy are off fighting the Heartless on other worlds but we can't do it alone. Sorry to ask but you three have a duty as Keyblade Wielders to protect worlds from darkness. Unfortunatly this is a lifetime commitment, I'm sending a gummi ship that should be there in a week, you'll be able to return home every now and then but you won't be able to stay and lead normal lives. Think carefully before you decide, I won't force you into this and if you don't want to do it no one will hold it against you.

King Mickey

Sora looked up from the letter and looked at Riku and Kairi. Riku had a serious look on his face, he had obviously made his choice already. Kairi looked shocked.

"So I got a week to pack huh." said Riku plainly.

"You're actually going?" asked Kairi

"Yeah, I won't let the darkness take more worlds." said Riku

"But you read the letter, no one will hold it against you." she said with conviction

"I'll hold it against me." said Riku trying to end the discussion

"Sora! Say something to him!" Kairi pleaded

"Don't worry, I'll be watching his back." Sora said

Kairi just stared at them. How could they just want to leave after they gotten back home, especially when they had tried so hard.

"Kairi it's not that we want to leave." said Sora like he could read her mind. "It's just that the worlds need us. I can't turn my back on them and all the friends I've made on them, and I won't let Donald, Goofy, and the King fight by themselves."

"Well if you two have already decided," said Kairi, "then I'll just have to go with you."

Riku and Sora looked at each other and the same thought went through their heads. Then they looked at her and smiled, they were all together now and they were going to stay together.

"Okay, if we're going to going to different worlds then you two need to teach me how to really fight." said Kairi as she summoned her keyblade.

"You'll need to learn how to use magic as well." said a voice behind them. They all looked to see an old man in blue robes and a pointed hat with stars on it with long beard standing on the bridge.

"Yen Sid?" asked Sora as he looked at the wizard.

"Yes, Mickey asked me to come here and teach you three what I can before you leave." said Yen Sid as he walked toward them.

"What can you teach us?" asked Riku a little skeptically.

"Well for starters Riku you do have impressive skills with your dark powers but they're amateur at best. Sora has an understanding of standard magic but as the Keyblade Master he can add the power of light to them to increase their strength. And as for Kairi, a Princess of Heart," he said then bowed to Kairi," she can use magic deeply connected to the light and the heart. Namine tapped into that power but being a Nobody she couldn't bring it to it's fullest potential."

"So we'll be learning better magic huh." said Sora as he followed Yen Sid down to the beach.

"Yes, be here at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning, tardyness will not be tolerated. We only have a week to train." said Yen Sid as the kids got in their boats.

"Wait! Where will you stay?" asked Kairi. Riku and Sora also remembered that there weren't any houses on the island.

"Don't worry I'll find shelter." said Yen Sid. He waved his hand behind him and a cottage flashed into existance on the beach.

Yen Sid entered and left the three kids to paddle back to their homes on the other islands. The next week would be hell for them.

Day 1​

"Again Sora." said Yen Sid

Sora was an his hands and knee's trying to catch his breathe. He had been training nonstop since that morning. The first thing that happened when the kids had gotten tot he island was that Yen Sid had split himself into three different versions of himself. One had gone off with each one to save time while they learned. Sora had first had to meditate on an orb to learn how to draw on the power of light, that alone took him three hours. After that Sora started learning how to add it to his magic and while he could feel the difference it was incredably taxing on him and Yen Sid didn't even have to make an effort to dismiss his attacks.

"I said again Sora! Pick yourself up and try again as if you were worthy of the keyblade!" said Yen Sid, Sora quickly found out that he had gotten an angry Yen Sid that didn't take it easy even a little bit.

Sora got up and took a fighting pose, Yen Sid had told him not to summon the keyblade for this training. He opened his heart and let light fill him. When it reached it's limit Sora called out for fire and merged the two as the fireball launched straight for Yen Sid, a mix of gold and white flames. Yen Sid held out his hand with his palm forward and when the fireball made contact it simply dispersed.

"It appears the keylbade made a poor choice. You obviously lack the skill necessary for this." Yen Sid said with contempt.

Sora had had enough. He had been training since six that morning and the insults hadn't stopped even though it was noon. Forgetting his training Sora called on his strongest fire spell and sent it straight at Yen Sid. However the old wizard caught it and held it between both hands. The flames tuned into blue and gold and then he shot the spell right back at Sora. It was too fast and Sora was too tired so the fire ball hit his dead on. Sora was lifted off the ground and sent halfway across the beach and when he landeed he kept skiding on the ground until he crashed hard into the docks.

Sora tried to get up despite the pain and felt wind blowing. Suddenly it was like a thousand blades cut and pulled him out into the water with an incredible force. When he rose form the water there was a flash and pain as a blizzard spell was cast. The top inch of the water had been frozena and Sora's hands were in that inch, his entire upper half had a good coating of ice while his bottom half was in water that was below freezing. He was lifted up again and hit the beach hard as he landed at Yen Sid's feet, his hands still trapped in ice.

"You are letting your frustration get the better of you!" said Yen Sid

"Well what do you expect? I'm doin my best but that just isn't good enough for you!" yelled Sora angrily

"Of course it's not good enough. We don't have much time and you must master these techniques now. There's no telling what enemies you will face on this journey and you may end up needing this magic."

"Well if my best isn't good enough for you then what would be?"

"I need more than your best, I need you to push to your limits and beyond."

Sora was just quiet, he knew that he had to push his limits but every time he tried he could feel the darkness creeping up on him. Yen Sid held his hand over the ice and it shattered.

"It's noon, you're tired and probably hungry. I'll go get your friends and then you can eat and rest for a while, then your training will continue." said Yen Sid as he left to go get the other two.

Sora fell on his back in the sand and let himself drift away.
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