A Series of Poems (3: Fear)



Feb 9, 2017
Outer Heaven
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Fear is
What it is
It is something capable of making you tremble
Or something that is sure to haunt you
Fear is something that we initially find difficult to dispel
And we despise its presence
We fear Fear
And we fear what it is capable of doing to others
To our significant
To our loved ones
To our peers
To ourselves

A cryptic one, but one I intentionally left for interpretation. I wanted to create a poem that covers many themes or many meanings instead a fix set of both, but that is based on what you guys can come up with. What do you think this means?


The Traveler
Sep 25, 2010
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This is an interesting topic when you think about it. Considering not everyone's fear is the same. Of course, I'm sure a great deal of them are in common among ourselves. Such as heights and spiders. However, what if there's people who aren't afraid of those things? Then who's to say they'll be afraid of it too? I will admit fear can be contagious because, this reminds me of a time I was in the car with my mom. I spotted a huge black spider on the car dashboard, which I kept in contact with the entire drive. However my mom had spotted it too. The crazy part is that we didn't get in a car accident after the car briefly swerved into a small ditch after the spider went over to the steering wheel and out of sight. Scaring the crap out of the both of us. ANYWAYS, I believe fear is a natural instinct for us human beings. It's something that keeps us cautious in our survival. However, I think we shouldn't let fear keep us from taking risks. Or conquering them in general because, we can't let fear stop us from doing the unthinkable. Overall, I enjoyed this poem a lot. It made me think. :D