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  • I fit 3 sigs in by putting all 3 in one image, and then uploading it. I don't suggest you do this. We're not allowed 3 for reasons that it makes the sig too long. I'm cheating the system, but I'm trying to fix that.
    I see. Sorry for my confusion. Just don't call people immature for believe you can have sex before marriage.
    Why you're in the sex thread after saying "No, sex before marriage is immature, it should be special and with the one person you love" etc... and then afterwards you come in again and talk about threesomes and all that jazz.

    Honestly, if you have no experience, you have no experience. You talk like you do or you pretend to, at least.
    Just be honest, you know...

    Also, I completely disagree with the whole sex after marriage deal. You can love someone completely and not be married to them. Also, marriage barely means the same thing anymore, sadly.
    1) No you can't join, the roleplay already started and we already had sign-ups for members, sorry.

    2) Even if you could join, your entrance made every single person in said roleplay hate you. Your last two posts have been "..." and "so am i...?" So please, GTFO of that thread.
    It wasn't he images that were the problem, it was the fact that you just waltzed in and tried being a smart ass.
    Would you mind not spamming up the Org XIV FC? This is the second time I had to stroll in there and delete posts en mass. Hopefully I won't have to do it again, do I make myself clear?
    For Keyblade War:

    Just read up on the last couple of pages of posts, don't have him be with Sora right now, just start him off somewhere else, I'll tell you when you can get with Sora.
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