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  • yeah, its kinda complicated.
    you dont have to put them in folders if you dont want to,
    and you dont have to sell prints if you dont want to
    (but if you do, after you submit the diviation it should take you to a page about it, although I always click off of it cuz I dont really sell prints)
    and to upload stuff its in the middle of the top where it says "submit "
    I always have a hard time finding it. lol XD
    Here you go: Kingdom Hearts Sora Crown Bracelet Wrist Chain m0332 - eBay Other Japanese Anime, Japanese Anime, Animation, Collectables. (end time 01-Jul-10 06:15:48 AEST)
    You posted twice in a row in the post your pic thread. I already merged them together but yeah. Try not to do it. I'm just telling you now so it doesn't happen in the future and you get yelled at by some kid who wants to be a mod or some shit. D:
    is this that dude that said there showed be a the world ends with you for the playstation???
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