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  • "Av" is short for avatar. Right now mine is Basch haha. What was your favorite Background Music in Tactics? I like Antipyretic, Trisection, Delita's Theme, Hero's Theme, and Under the Stars.

    Oh by the way, what is your Youtube Channel and what is your username?
    Im glad I found a download link for that piano BGM in that scene. Delita has a really really good VA. Its Robin Atkin Downes who also does the voice of Luxord in KHII. Hes an awesome VA. And I completely agree, every scene with Delita is really good lol

    Im still waiting for my Delita Av to get finished :p

    That scene is really my favorite Delita scene in the game. I love the piano solo in it.

    I liked the end scene with Delita a lot as well. But I don't know whether to be upset or glad that he lived through the incident. I think I prefer that he lived.
    I completely agree. It may be a tragic ending, but in my opinion that is what makes it great. Delita Heiral is a wonderful character in the FF universe as well. ESPECIALLY the first time I played it through. Everything bad that happened to Delita shocked me. And I thought he was awesome XD
    Yes, I honestly do think Ramza died. It adds to the great things about this game, with Ramza in my opinion being the only true hero to the end in the FF series. He has a pretty sad life, with the deaths of his two brothers, with the kidnapping of his sister, and with his persecution by the Church of Glabados. It only adds to his heroism that he is contrast to Delita. Ramza is branded a heretic and saves Ivalice from destruction and gets absolutely no recognition or repayment. While in contrast to this, Delita manipulates and becomes the "hero" of Ivalice even though he manipulated and murdered many people. It adds tragedy to the story that no other FF has ever done.
    I befriended you :D

    By the way, I forgot to mention that another reason I think Wiegraf was a good villain is that,

    He calls religion the "opium" of the people. Karl Marx said almost the exact same quote. So it seems to me that they are trying to paint Wiegraf Folles as a communist upon getting possessed by Belias.
    Well, I am playing through XII for my first time at the moment. Im not too far into it.

    The story is pretty good so far and generally the characters are cool (Balthier from FFXII also appears in Tactics WotL as a playable character :D) the only character I dislike is Vaan. But he has pretty much lost his position as main character once Basch and Ashe joined the party.
    Well, like you said, Ramza is a pretty killer hero of the story. But Delita isnt a villain, you see his whole theme in the game is "Do the Ends Justify The Means?" I mean, he manipulated practically everyone in Ivalice, killed some people, and all of his efforts were just for his lusted power. But on the good side, he did lead Ivalice into a land of prosperity and ended the reign of the nobles.

    My favorite villain is by far, Wiegraf.

    To me, Wiegraf was the perfect villain. In most villains, one can find some type of common ground, something to humanize them, or conversely they are shown to be evil to the core. While both types make good villains, Wiegraf actually begins the series with a noble cause and a strong belief system. He acts as a foil to Ramza, in that they both had lofty, noble aspirations, and they both fought for the sake of their sisters. Ramza easily could have taken Wiegraf's place in the story, at least as far as giving in to the desire of the stones to prolong their lives. But when Wiegraf lets go of everything he once believed, it makes the player actually hate him. To me, his actions actually elicited a degree of emotional response, which is unique to most videogame villains that I've ever come across.
    Yeah. You should see some other grinding things in the game XD

    Have you done Midlights Deep yet? Its Awesome.

    And who was your favorite hero, and favorite villain?
    Very long. Very worth it. It may be long, but it isnt really hard. Just keep using abilities like Focus repeatedly. I recommend using the guide on Gamefaqs for FFT WotL. It has some cool setups and grinding tips.

    One of the most time consuming things to do in the game however, is maximize your stats.

    To do this,
    Step 1) Master EVERY JOB
    Step 2) Use the deleveling trap at Zeklaus Desert to get back to level 1 (You have to delevel with a bad stat growth job like a bard)
    Step 3) Capture a Wild Boar.
    Step 4) Breed it to get three of the best types of that species
    Step 5) Use the Beastmaster Skill to level the Level 1 character up as an Onion Knight
    Step 6) Re Breed, then Rinse and Repeat

    I really appreciate it. Be warned though, Final Fantasy Tactics is game that is hard to put down once started. Even after the story, something unknown just compelled me to master every job with like every character. Just wait till you get Cid. He is the Sean Connery of FF lol
    Yes, Delita is awesome. And he only gets more awesome as the story goes on. Where are you at in the story? Still in Chapter 1?
    No, I don't hate Kingdom Hearts. I still like the series and hope it gets better. Mostly, I hope it doesn't turn into DBZ.
    When you enjoy theorizing like I do, being one of the best is pretty sweet. And no need to get upset. This is talking. I'm not flaming or anything.
    I'm not some kid. I'm 22 years old and I say and do what I do because I can back it up. I had no intentions or implying to fight anyone. I get enough of that here at Knox. I don't need to do all that.

    But since you have no issue with me, can I kindly get you to stop trying to knock me off my pedestal? I kinda earned it by being one of the best.
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