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  • well I work at the family car wash washing and towel drying cars all day long and I can only sleep from 3:00 am to 9:00am every day
    Well, it takes time and passion to reach the level I'm on and trust me I'm not saying I'm better I'm not. I am no where near the top alpha wolves in the writting world. I am barely touching them, anyone can get to my level the challenge is growing to different levels and not sinking to a lower level.

    A few months ago I was so depressed I could barely write nots for a story and that carried on for three months. And now that I'm out of the depression I am back to writing again.

    If you want to write do it. Let nothing hold you back. If fear is holding you back all I can say is to let it go. If people don't like your work that may mean your style doesn't attract the general public. Also be careful what site you go on. Depending on the site it might make you feel like you can't write but don't give up, look for other sites and post there. And if none of that works there are only two things you can do at that point, either a: you print your story and have people read it or b: ( this the harsh one) you stop writing and find another hobby. B is the one that offend leads to less writters in the world.

    Now I said all of this to help you. I bet you will write a fine story, but you'll never know how good your story is until you show it off to the public. I hope my word weren't mean, because that wasn't my goal at all. I beleive that I was gifted by God to write, I have talents that work with my writing skill. Although I lack the eagerness to read any ol' book/story I can still write like I know what I'm doing. Now don't get me wrong I believe we as people can do everything but only those with a passion carry it forever.

    Sorry for the long post, I miss my computer and I'm doing this from my phone. But keep writting and post something ^^ you'll never know until you try.
    Cool! Actually this was where Riku and Mai appeared (and was made famous) first ^^ The other site was DeviantArt. But it wasn't popular there so I came to this site ^^

    I'm very happy you enjoyed my work ^^ It makes me feel like good writter ^^ You don't know how much happiness that brings me ^^
    Yes. Yes I am. I am ZipporahssBird on fanfiction.net ^^ I always use a Riku avvy and I always try to think of new stories. ^^

    thankies I'm glad you liked it, trust me it took me forger to come up with the ending. Did you read the prequel yet?
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