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  • Here an idea of a post. Since your character can't remember. Make her be either in Shenmor or Dimisho. A place where a lot of people are at.
    Okay you say your joining the rp, but yet you don't post in it. Not trying to be rude, but uh yeahhhhhh you should try to post unless your dropping out. And its HOC I'm talking about.
    Yeah, to bad it's out of reach for me, I tend to listen not lead you know? You however seem to have a chance if you try real hard.
    you never know crazier things have happened then a person not wanting to become a mod, or thinking that they can't become a mod and then bam. They're a mod. Wouldn't be surprised if you were is what i'm trying to say.
    Never thought that posting telling a person to ask a mod to delete the thread would cause him to post more, should've thought that one through lol. You're right, but honestly this isn't the first time i've seen someone do this, with him in a different thread, I believe he probably should be banned if he's going to keep spamming up the forums, specificlly the rp ones, but that's my opinion, and another conversation entirely, but you're right my bad lol.
    ah, yeah ok, worried that i might have done something wrtong. though just a fore warning, bri does stuff like this a lot.
    I don't know. I was just contacting you because your visitor's wall looked a little... empty.
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