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  • Crap I missed a vm, sorry. >_<

    It is too much. If nisekoi devolves into some harem manga I'm stopping.
    I'll look into it then.

    I can understand that. It was definitely better when it was just a triangle and it made it even better because Raku already knew who he liked, it was just a matter of circumstance keeping him from getting it out. Now even a teacher likes Raku. =_=
    xD Been there before, it's why I keep my list small now. What things was annoying? =3

    A sports? =D I've tried sports manga before but never can get quite into them.
    That's what I've heard. After I catch up on Nisekoi I'll finally get to reading it. 8D
    That's where I've seen it! =D Thanks, been bothering me forever now lol.
    I should really get around to Magi, I've been meaning to. ತಎತ
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