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  • again, you cant compare it like that, the difference is ff has multiple stories. as in each ff is different, each ff is it's own series. and of course each ff is exclusive to it's own console. ffXIII is only one game that is fstor 360 and ps3, it doesnt completely relate to ff versus 13 and ff agito 13.

    justl ike ff has been more of a sony exclusive and ff cystal chronicles has always been on nintendo.

    you are going to have to compare games within there own series
    just because FFXIII is on 360, doesnt mean kh will be on it. kh is a continuing series. FF is also a continuing series but you dont have to play previous ones to understand the next one.

    the only except i can find are FFX-X2 (which both are sony) and FFVII series which was mostly on sony aswell
    I insist you stop spamming SA's page or face the consequences.
    And the reason why people here treat you like shit is because you act like an idiot.
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