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    Rate my DRAGONS and Stuff!

    Ok, I want to know what ratings (0-5) you guys will give me on the following paintings/drawings: Or/and which one(s) you liked the most! DRAGONS!: 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F Other stuff: 2A 2B 2C 2D You can visit the main page <33 :redface: Decadia on deviantART I'm using this to see if other...
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    Tales of Symphonia 2-Wii

    Oh, I've just played TOS2 and I liked it,but there were some parts I didn't like. I didn't like Lloyd's part in which pretty much half of the game--yeah..(-he wasn't quite the protagonist). The newer characters seemed to fit in pretty smoothly. On the figures themselves- the realistic movements...
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    Hints & Tips for defeating Sephiroth (There maybe others too)

    Alot of people were asking me if I could help them in th KH2 game with Sephiroth, so I decided to make this thread. ^ ^ This can help you defeat Sephiroth, or make it easier to defeat him. I have listed the things he does during the battle and other details that may help you understand or, and...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) Its a nice guide though, but I might also be able to help you with those. {I have the special limited version((Guide & Walkthrough)) so it might help a bit}
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    Kingdom Hearts II Review *no spoilers*

    Well, maybe they wan't to ruin it for us. Hahah....they just can't. Most reviews are giving KH a very high score than low scores,but yeah if they don't like RPG then why waste time reviewing it and screwing all the fun? I guess they don't pay much attention, KH games do have a great deal of work...
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    kingdom hearts 2 keyblades (possible spoilers)

    Yeah, its very similiar to cloud's.
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    No kidding. We've been waiting long enough, but March is close enough so its just fine. (Cousin's B-day too)
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    Well, it will be a sigh for me. I agree, the longer we wait the better its going to be. Although if they keep us waiting, well get to tired for it,lol. [Since they already released it in a different language, it will have to come out soon enough anyways.]
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    New KH2 Video

    I've seen better. But maybe the others haven't so....its good.
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    Fanfiction ► KH Laughs

    Great FanFic though. (Fic?) I hope you make another one.
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    Fanfiction ► KH Laughs

    Keep up with the stories.They are great. eh..es como el lobo blanco..?.?
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    I have one already and its not that expensive^ ^.
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    Fanfiction ► KH Laughs

    When riku said bawk is a word I went insane of laughs.This is so funny...so thats why everyone keeps on putting lol.I realy ment it when I put lol.
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    Fanfiction ► Kh kids...

    Chap.1(I have some more parts for the other chap's) Ok,WhenSora is 4yrs old, he had a wooden keblade,perfect for his acummulate size.So, Sora's parent had a picture of a keblade hole under the toilet in the restroom.Sora tried to stick the keblade in the picture. Kairi peeked and entered the...
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    Do you have pets or a pet? If so,may you list some or one of the funniest stuff your pet has done......? Mine was when I saw five of my cats chase off a pitbull onto the bottom of the house.XD