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  • Hi there!

    I'm letting you know I'll be getting to your story sometime this week. I'll admit it's a bit hard to read because, it's a giant wall of text. However, I'm glad you posted it on KHI, cause I'd love to read anything anyone writes. xD
    Mate, it's against the rules to make double posts, triple posts, any posts that follow on from yours. You either have to use the Edit button or wait for someone else to post before you can do it again.
    That sounds harsh, specially how all those items, in total, would sum about $200+. I'd had my stuff stolen before, so I understand you. :<

    Sorry, but discussing this on forums is STRICTLY prohibited. You can always Google it. ;>

    If you can't work an emulator, you can always rebuy the games and/or watch playthroughts of them on the net.
    Disney + square enix = kingdom hearts
    kingdom hearts + cards = kingdom hearts re:chain of memories
    kingdom hearts + god = kingdom hearts 2
    kingdom hearts x organization XIII + XIV = kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    kingdom hearts - 1 / xehanort = kingdom hearts birth by sleep
    kingdom hearts + matrix = kingdom hearts re:coded
    kingdom hearts + inception = kingdom hearts dream drop distance
    kingdom hearts 2 + ps3 x Jesus = KINGDOM HEARTS 3
    Hey, mind reading my fanfic La Compilation and post a review there
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