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    Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    yeah, I clicked on the signature to the site.

    I really like it, the design is nice. And the site posts a lot more detailed news than KHI does.
    Hey Ventus. Could you give me the link to that site again?
    I know! For a blonde I'm pretty smart!
    lol Maybe if you eat a poupou fruit.......................................
    "Dear Ventus' mom, I request that he has a break and maybe if possable a day on the beach"
    You work to much lol .
    lol I was just joking.... You cool dude?
    I was joking.... lol
    I don't want to sound shallow but ever since I put myself up I've been getting hit on like crazy.
    But I'm sure that sounded really shallow....
    I guess so.
    Also if it's been on your mind, Yeah, that blonde guy is me.
    I know... I'm awful to look at...... lol
    I've been good dude!
    I've been doing the exact same thing!
    Ventus! Dude!!
    Long time no talk!
    Do you know where I can get the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 manga?
    I have a question regarding the creation of Nobodies. You know when Sora stabs himself with the Keyblade and KH1 and turns into a Heartless, right? And, Roxas was created. If Sora turned into a Heartless again before he reunited with Roxas what would happen. Would another Nobody be born, because it took Ven's heart to create Roxas? And, if Sora lost his heart would be there another Nobody?
    lol I'm not really a "genius" but I know how to do all of the basic stuff :]

    there's a user on youtube named "bearsfan092" who has videos for learning how to RNG abuse and then abusing for legendaries and then abusing for egg's. It includes things like abusing for shinies and IV's (mostly IV's).

    here is his video on the "calibration" phase which is what you'll need to know: YouTube - RNG abuse- Calibration Phase

    anything else you have questions on you can also answer in a thread on Smogon (the biggest pokemon site on the web, much like KHI to KH). Here: All Generation PRNG Help / Information - Smogon Community

    Abusing Egg IV's: YouTube - Pokemon RNG Abuse: Egg IVs Part 1

    Abusing legends: YouTube - RNG Abuse for Legends in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

    RNG abuse for HGSS I'm not sure on since I don't do that. lol Hopefully this will help :p
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