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  • Look up opinions and videos of donald trump. He isn't a very good person, racist, sexist, biased, privileged, etc. I could go on for hours. He has a high chance of becomimg the USA's next president which means america is going to be in shit if he's elected
    Hm. Sorry, but it still sounds like a bunch of pseudoscience to me. It sounds like it's trying to suggest that straight is the "natural" thing that way, which is a strange thing to suggest when other sexual orientations are common among a multitude of species. Somewhere in the middle would be going back to the "balance" that's apparently supposed to be straight. And such a balance would come with certain physical effects, too. Estrogen doesn't make you like men, and testosterone doesn't make you like women. Otherwise there shouldn't be gay men --a fetus develops male parts because its starts producing the hormones to develop them. Or, say, people who get hormone treatment but still like the same sex. There are other things that seem off about it, but I'm not enough of an expert to go in depth about this kinda science.
    Just saw a comment you made in your Wreck it Ralph thread. Instead of using our shitty forum search, use Google. Just type the name of a topic then "KHInsider Forums" and you'll usually be able to see if it exists or not.
    Yeah. Just wanted to say you're doing a good job. I watched that last one some many times!

    Now get off KHI and make more >:O
    Are you sure your user is right? I cant find you but I find you in the 1st time! You add me Im rikku-ff.
    Hi ya!! Whats up?? Hey I wono know that a ps3 PSN can add PSP PSN OK? so I add you now in PSN so that I can see K?
    Any way if you dont wonoanswer then dont but if you like to meet me like I say Im rikku_ff.
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