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  • I see you haven't gotten a VM since December XD

    Anyways, I like your fandubs. :3 I thought your Re:Coded fandub was recent xD
    hi everyone! If you guyz haven't noticed, my original youtube channel, "TwilightChaser37" was terminated for stupid reasons...

    BUT ON THE PLUS SIDE, I've been known as "Chaser of the Dawn" and am working very hard to remain dedicated to my projects in fandubbing and singing!

    So go check out YouTube - ChaserOfTheDawn's Channel and stay tuned for the RE: CODED fandub that my team and I have been working on for the past 3 months.

    (we are in need of a voicing Cid, Huey, Dewey, and Louie parts for the Traverse Town scenario. If you'd like to audition, PLEASE PLEASE notify me immediately VIA YOUTUBE CHANNEL or KHINSIDER/KH-RECHARGED email).

    Until we receive Traverse Town characters, I've insisted in continuing with Wonderland.

    Further questions may be forwarded to me, BUT u must be aware of the parts already taken:
    - Sora
    - Mickey
    - Goofy
    - Donald
    - Jiminy
    - Data Riku
    - Data Roxas
    - Pete
    - Maleficent
    - Alice
    - Cloud
    - Cheshire Cat
    - Jafar
    - Aladdin

    (ones not taken include: Genie, Cid, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Queen of Hearts)

    no dude, he has been planning this since forever. I was actually gonna audition for, but the only characters at the time were Terra and MX. he was playing Ven, of course.
    yeah I hate flamers but then again your talking to the KHI people...lol
    anyway do you have any lines I could use to do TerraNort?
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