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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • well ok but I'm used to just getting there because my computer's just as fast going through multiple links as it is through other computers going through 1 but I'll get you the links
    there's a bot in forum insanity positing in two threads:

    "Fate cafe"

    and "Screw the rules I have money."
    Sorry about that, I just got used to doing it in different forums. Won't happen again (I hope)
    yes i know i must, i'm just very scared, i mean i've never really openly expressed feelings to a guy, like genuine feelings, or close to them i suppose. do you still think i should even though i know he has a boyfriend and he knows i know he has a boyfriend, i mean is that like generally considered. . . i dunno, inconsiderate? i'm scare he'll mistake my stammers--as i'm sure they will be--as me wanting him to break up with his boyfriend.
    thank you love. i'm just so flummoxed. we just. . . just, i dunno i just notice little stuff that i feel are definitely the universes' signs that there's more to taylor than just a guy i have known and liked for a few months at my work place. i mean we were talking the other day and we're both reading lord of the rings right now, and we're both on return of the king. i mean, am i reading too much into it? really? cause what are the chances!?

    THEN THEN bear with me, this is a story

    well i stopped by applebees the other night to check my sched and stuff, and taylor works with me there right? well he didn't work that night but regardless i was there just hanging out talking to coworkers and the work phone rings, well the person who's supposed to answer the work phone was stressed and i love her so i was just like "can i answer that for you?" even though i shouldn't've cause i was off the clock and ya know, the mangers wouldn't like that. well i picked it up expecting it to be a to-go order, cause that's what they usually are. but sure enough. . . it's fucking taylor, i mean COME ON WHAT ARE THE CHANCES RUBEN!?
    oh ruben i am in such dire straits, i just cannot even handle myself ;~; will you not listen to my plight more?
    eh, i'm supposing i'll just let the chips fall where they may. that's all i can really do at this point. c'est la vie, life will go on whether i get with taylor or not. or at least this mindset seems the safest and is comforting to convince myself i believe, but maybe in the end i will believe it. whatever lol.

    it just really sucks because my confidence irl has skyrocketed these past two months and i was itching to try it out on someone and then taylor walks in and it's working but he's gonna be leaving even though i really really like him.
    it's all good, it was an experience, and i certainly need to get some of them out of the way eventually.

    also i'm in the throes of love. this is an equally awful experience, if not moreso.
    not yet my love, i have however had the strange chance to give someone the pleasantries of fellatio. and yet, not one of my prouder moments in life.
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