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  • Hello! About a long time ago you welcomed me to the forums. Well I just logged in and noticed it for the first time. So sorry and thanks, lol.
    Hey err sorry to drop in here so randomnly but I couldn't help wondering ... where do I know you from? I noticed you're in my friend list but I have no clue whatsoever of when I added you xD
    It's a tragedy in a sense; I used to be a big fan of Kairi and SoKai ever since 2002. And when I made the FC last year, I figured it'd strengthen my liking of the pairing.

    But it didn't. Instead, it killed any appreciation I had for it. :C
    LOL It's okay.

    I abandoned ship because, after I'd made the FC, members kept getting into debates with Smile, and even though she was on the opposite team, I found myself agreeing with her a lot more than I was with my own members. Plus, an event in BBS made me have the final straw at Kairi and decided I wasn't a fan of her any longer. I'd planned to close the SoKai FC then and there, all the way back in March, but the club members begged me to stay and not close the place. So I stayed, reluctantly, and only became more and more embittered with SoKai. Finally, after finally having enough of it, I closed it out of the blue, so that no one could try to talk me out of it. And I decided to make a HC.

    Hope that helps. ^_^
    Hey thylings. I have really bad news. I'm moving to London in 3 days. Now i'm going to have to find a new job and a new school. *hiding from the ominous feeling about the school >.<*
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