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Szayel Aporro
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  • We're quite similar :D

    Science (specifically Bio and Cosmology), Drawing, Gaming, Music and I think that's about it.
    TV production :O sounds nice, we have a TV production team at our school too...but they aren't that good :$ lol

    While I'm at it, I'll ask you this, what are your interests?
    I ask since considering I haven't actually made good conversation from the start xD
    It really comes down to balancing everything out.
    Meh I have extra time so I'll just tinker with this a while longer >;3
    It is but finding the right shades of green is hard lol.
    Thanks, I think so too ;3
    I'm still toying around with the font colors and what not so expect some random changes.
    But thank you ;P
    Ah at least you got that done, I still have accounting homework to take care of :\
    Oh not much is going on, just trying to properly customize my page, which is working out for the most part.
    I love this time of the year, ;D well then I'll save ya a spot on the kiras, just remeber don't write ya own name in the death note
    Cool, it's probabley gonna be up sometime this week so keep a eye our for it, I'm guessing ya gonna be on the kira side
    lol thanks though I thinnk I'm more of a problem destroyer

    cool tell me what ya think when ya done reading it ;D
    lol there's no such thing as a problem when ya dealing with me, just randomness and skateboarind ;D

    I sent ya a pm of the story
    YAY! someone filey see's were I'm comeing from ;D

    Cool thanks for ya support, when we get the thread up I'll pm you, if ya want me to show ya a beta version of the story just tell me
    lol it really is great, but I'm kinda into traveling now so I like seeing everything, good or bad.

    Were just thinking of a good plot and beefing it up, I watched the series all over again and get hooked, There will be 5 kira's to start and a newL and task force, lol if ya wanna know more just pm me and ya can help make it with me and sehp2.
    lol I guess hometowns always seem boareing, NYC still seems kinda dull to me, even when I'm on a high building I still feel like it the same as looking up.

    I'm just joining some RP's, remakeing "THE WAR FOR POWER" and also buildind a DEATH NOTE rp with seph2, ya interesting?
    1. lol ya gotta loev chrismas, all the gifts and misstoe ya can use

    2. well well look who's getting up there.

    3. Hey jersey kinda nice, I swun by there once...ok I was left drunk when were passing threw at 3 in the mouring but hey there's some nice homeless peoepl lol

    So what about life on the fourms any other things new?
    everyone's been asking me the same thing

    1 got signed to a skateing tour, lol so that's the reason I left the rp sorry oh and I graduted high schoo early (can't say that enough)

    2 got to see some good spots around the globe and knock out a french guy!

    3 came back for the holadieys for awile and getting back in touch with old friends

    what new with ya? ;D
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