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Szayel Aporro
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  • Glad to hear that, ya got reserd spots on both rp's. Thouhg I don't know which one I'll enjoy more, oh and ya done with ya temp yet?
    WEll me and my brother cam home to manhattan, I'm back in my odl room, it even smeels the same! besides that I'm still working on the rp, the details are almost done, just waiting on brol and seph2 on the equipments for the sides, oh and so ya know the death note rp starts the first of next year
    Here it is!


    Yup, considered one of the greatest sitcoms of its time, and it's always got a special place in my heart <3
    I have to find a longer clip somewhere, there's a part where George comes back and compliments on the soup and the Soup Nazi mutters, "You're pushing your luck little man". It was a awesome line 8D
    I'm glad you liked it <3 no one knows classic comedy anymore.
    Yes pretty much every episode is awesome ;P my favorite being the Soup Nazi...

    I lol'd pretty hard :D!
    It was godly :D


    I'm not sure if you're a fan of Seinfeld but here's a clip.
    Oh lol I didn't know :D
    He had several close calls, "well -- this is awkward", man that line got me every time XD
    Really? A couple of days ago you say? XD
    Eh, it will correct itself eventually....at least I hope so :\

    Did you see his christmas special? He made out with a bear :O
    Well if Apophis doesn't wipe us out in 2036 I'd be delighted to see a space colony on the moon :$
    Economy....we're fucked XD well for the most part, it happens every 28 years or so, odd cycle right?

    Colbert <3

    Ok lets make things interesting -- where do you stand on the issues of our economy?
    Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, what's your opinion on life in the universe?

    ...Or I could just stop XD
    Mhm ^_^
    Ah and thanks for the friend request, not sure how you weren't already on my list though.
    I can imagine XD my town isn't as hectic as lets say, NY, but it was an active place I'll tell you that much.
    Especially downtown... <.<
    I hope things get better <3

    Ah I see what you mean, in the area I am in it's kind of small as well XD
    My original hometown was way different, more active but less space; glad I left :$
    I experienced the same problem last year, the teacher from hell D=

    Oh really? That's pretty neat :3 I had a couple of actors, song writers and clothing designers grow up in my home town. Well it was nicer back then ;P
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