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  • Oh how nice, another Drake fan on the site. And yes, Goodnight & Goodluck is the shit too lol
    I won't worry about what you do and don't do when it doesn't involve other people. I don't care if you purposely didn't post, you haven't finished a battle since the first time we ever battled. Truthfully, that was the only battle you ever finished on this site. So stop saying you're going to battle when you're not, and stop thinking that you're tough shit around here because you're one of the "vets". Dude, you didn't even do anything. Alkimos was never even used past an average of 4 posts, if that.

    So no, I won't mind my own business when you're telling others to hurry up when you obviously only care about what you want to do, and seem to take into no consideration what others want to do. It's ridiculous Caleb, and you really need to grow up about actually sticking to your word, even if it is something as petty as a roleplaying battle.

    And don't you dare say that I'm caring too much about what you do, as I remember when you were very obviously sucking Zetsumi's cock about what he did and didn't do while online. If you disregarded this little tidbit of information, it would show obviosuly self-centered you truly are.
    would you be interested in RPing in The Rise of the God of Torture? We need two more main characters to join or more villains to start the RP


    lol fixed.
    But, if you REALLY want to know what I've been up to since I returned, take a look at a thread a made a while back, called "A Lawless World". It's a locked thread with one post. It should wet your appetite. ;3
    I don't even know the damn name, his intro made me cry when I imagined what the rp might become. It was made by Bureku, and likely has the word "light" in the title. Should be on the second page.
    Haha, well, he made a thread asking for ideas on how to make a good Avatar rp, and I kinda fed him ideas....a concept....a plot...a story line, a conflict, and a twist. XD

    Though, so far no one has joined, if no one does, I probably will. Though, I'll at least let the guy know before I do it. XD
    ....How would inserting a minor plot piece to resolve the conflict help keep him from ruining a good plotline? o_O
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