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    Ninjas, Assassins, & Samurais

    Okay so I've got this idea for an Assassin's Creed themed RP set in medieval Japan (pretty fuckin awesome right?) Looking for a collaborator or two to make it as epic as it has the potential to be. Any takers?
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    Return of the...

    Sooooooooooo, re-introducing myself I guess, tho KH vets prolly remember me. DARKNESS-2-LIGHT aka .Killswitch aka D2L aka Swag once again lurkin your forums. You'll see me around. ~Swag
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    One Piece Anime Download

    Trying to download the One Piece anime & I can't seem to find a good torrent D=. Suggestions? Preferably ones that dont require downloading the episodes one at a time. Swag.
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    If Sora made a nobody when he became a heartless...

    Where's his heartless? Or was Sora himself a heartless (technically) until the end of KH2?
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    So I just read the story for BBS on Wikipedia...

    ...and I'm more than a little confused. So, I'm tryna to see if somebody can just explain the KH Series in it's entirety, BBS to KH2 (chronologically), cuz I don't get it anymore. D= I know somebody can do it in a coherent way.
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    Thinkin about bringin back an old KH RP of mine

    But I wanna tweak it, because going back and looking at it there were some flaws and that's probably why it failed. The RP's pretty epic in conception tho Looking for a collaborator though, preferably somebody on the more experienced side. Any takers?
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    Possibly the craziest thing I've seen on the internet

    The Ultimate Revenge I'm done.
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    Anime/Manga ► Fairy Tail

    I know I'm late as shit, but I just started reading this one. It's pretty good. Anybody else reading it?
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    [ Rank 6 Challenge ] Swag vs Healing Vision

    So... yeah. My mans HV challenge me for my rank, so I had to accept. I don't care if other people post in here before we start, just don't over do it. We both know the deal, so no need to post rules n shit like that. Temps up, then we can start. You want me to use Alkimos?
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    D.C., Maryland, & Virgina people -- This snow!

    Shit is crazy. I'm 6'0" and its like up to my waist.
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    The Fourth Kind

    I just went and saw this wit my girl last night, she was scared as shit lol. What do yall think? Seemed like a mockumentary to me.
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    Who on here watches UFC/Pride/The Ultimate Fighter? I've started getting really into it in like the past few months.
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    The Poem Thread

    Post your favorite poems, or GOOD ones written by yourself Here's one of my favorites to start off with. Love's Deceit by Big Rube. You've heard it read if you saw the movie ATL. Pleasure turns to the pain lessons learned from the strain questions burned in my brain.. About whether love is...
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    Bleach & Gurren Lagaan Torrents?

    Anybody know where I can torrent these two anime from?
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    Color Me Dead

    Chapter 1: Dead is Such a Strong Word My name is Devin Deathgaze, and I am dead. Crazy, no? You’d never think a handsome devil like myself would be dead at this age, but here I am. And here you are, looking at me, as I recount my life; or death rather. I always felt that everyone learned...