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  • I said right, you said left, I posted a picture of Sideways.

    It's cool! I'm still waiting on Jenni for one of these from a month ago! And Gesso hasn't replied in a year!

    Hell yeah I saw it! Stunning revelations all over the place up in this bitch!
    That's a matter of opinion.

    I don't like shooters a terrible amount and Terraria just looks boring! If I want to play something similar, I just boot up Minecraft!


    Oh god, yeah. So much KH fandumb. *shudder*

    I've never been a huge Steve Carell fan. He's been in some good movies, but he's also been in too much total crap. I kind of feel that, while Will Ferrell's been in a lot of crap, he's been good enough in his non-crap parts that he deserves some love.

    I would.
    I think my brother owns Left 4 Dead 2 and Terraria. I've certainly never played them, though.

    Indeed, some people are. I like to call those people the "Fandumb".

    I honestly have no idea what you have against Will Ferrell. From the moment I first watched "More Cowbell", I've always thought he was pretty funny.

    David Bowie is a god, is what he is!
    I only ever play a couple games on Steam. Civ V, Skyrim... oh, and I used to play Mass Effect a lot, but I've gotten a bit bored of it by now.

    Actually, he's taking this current break to work on the next flash. And the next break to work on the new book. He makes his living off of MSPA, so he doesn't really have a terrible amount other than it to do.

    Now, that is most certainly not true! If there is anything to say about Zoolander, it's that it's not stupid. As a matter of fact, it balances comedy and drama extremely well, and features some of the best portrayals of realistically unintelligent people I've ever seen. I mean, with most unintelligent characters, they come across as insane. Totally weird, disconnected from reality, and like they belong in an asylum. The two main male protagonists, Derek and Hansel? They're dumb, yeah. But they seem like real people, and there's just not enough of that.

    Back on the topic of comedy and drama, one of the best characters regarding that balance is Jacobin Mugatu, who's played by Will Ferrell. He's just weird enough to be funny and interesting, but he's serious enough that you can seriously respect him as a villain. It's absolutely brilliant how well this film straddles the line between comedy and drama, and I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates writing which doesn't suck as bad as the shitfest known as Jersey Shore.

    And David Bowie is in it.
    I know what you mean! I've been bored out of my skull! I've really just spent all summer playing WoW and watching movies. :p

    Well, don't worry! On non-hiatus days, he'll sometimes put up seven or so pages a day!

    WoW. Catching up with 30 Rock. Oh, and I watched Zoolander yesterday because my brother has to review it for school. It was awesome. ^^
    Yeah... honestly, I hate getting caught up. I've always liked reading Homestuck, specifically, in large amounts. But, on the other hand, nearly every update has something awesome happening in it, so usually being caught up is pretty okay.
    The breaks are usually considered the best times to catch up, because you can actually... you know, catch up.
    It certainly seems right up your alley.

    Yeah, but hey. I wanna see Act 6 Act 3 get tied up! Something huge always happens in the end of act flashes!
    He was made out to have been a pretty happy guy, until the whole dying thing.


    This is what the heck that was.

    inorite? And this one's a bit of a doozy. Just one more flash to go, I think?
    I didn't actually know you wouldn't get it until you said so, but it sure made things funnier for me when I learned it! :p
    I was referencing the time where Hussie and Rufio rode Falcor through the sky, in order to fuck up the shit of the bullies who scared Hussie into the attic with the wolf head!
    I've had this name for months!

    He really is. Maybe you could get someone in one of the shops to make you a proper avvie of him? For the sake of my ability to read our conversation? :p
    How did you not realize that, Patrick? :p

    I like to think that it's a bit obvious!
    Yoooo man what is up? Sorry, been off and on the site lately and didn't get back to ya. But yeah, how's it going?
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