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  • Haha, do you not check your vm's? Do you just come on post and then get off? You probably click and then forget?

    No, you never did. I have you as a friend on the 3DS and it's only obvious it's your name. Unless you lied to me. :p

    Again? Are you not going to get KH3D? :O
    Patrick, why don't you ever reply back to my vm's??!

    Am I that boring, really? (•̪●)

    Sup? xD
    Taylor's mom had people over at his house so it didn't work out anyways.
    This is just a bad week. :C
    And now I'm not available until Monday. So, we'll just have to wait until then to try again.
    At least Spring Break is coming up, if it doesn't work out next week, we're sure to get something in then.
    we're gonna try again today, Dave is completely available for once, so we just need you and Taylor
    I was hoping we could start around 6ish.

    edit: jump on Skype since it's easier than VMs on here
    Daft will.
    Sorrow says he will if he's feeling up to it, so not sure what that means
    We'd be starting a new map. We'll call ourselves LADS. We'll record us establishing ourselves in Ep. 1, getting basic supplies like wood and cobble and making a house and beds. Then I'll leave the server running when I'm at home so any of us can get online and continue working whenever. Then, every once in a while (once a week? maybe every other week?), we'll record a new episode showing what we've done and something new.
    Wow, sounds like a break! I don't start the next week of school until Monday.
    I think I still have the stuff from the episode we did w/o Hammy. Haven't had the time to make an episode out of this.
    Converting it to 1.2 won't bring in Jungle biomes and it'll lose the 1.1 biome data. So, there's no much point in it.
    Also, while Beautiful Survivors is fun to make, the episodes themselves are pretty dull, since it's just us trying to survive. I think we should like make up a set of goals and whatnot that we try to achieve and have a new series. And I can leave the server running the days of week I'm at my Dad's so we can all go on by whenever we each want to, then sort out days where we'll record with all of us on together.
    idk. I think it's dead, sadly. :/
    I want to do more LPs when I get a new hard drive for my computer in the coming week. So, maybe we can continue it... idk, with 1.2 being out, I think still using a 1.1 map will be boring.
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