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    me beating the knight at critical mode(translations)

    wow! godly skills! Very nice, and I loved the OH MY GAWD part the most ^^. Very skilled Final Form. You took that knight appart!
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    Gamefaqs Poll: Would you buy it?

    I'd buy the whole store out of their stock if it was to get my hands on that game in english >.<
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    when did it happened.........?

    Hmm no one is sure yet... It' all up in the air... Nomura said, if I remember correctly, that he wants us to get our imaginations working. Some think he's future, some say past, and some say present, but really no one knows but Nomura and his awesome team of developers.
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    hmm good question i think the heartless form was sorta like the shell that formed roxas... but i don't know maybe it stayed a shadow and was killed by the keyblade and sora
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    wisdom form is so much fun i like shooting people and sliding around
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I got mine 2 days ago and i just beat xaldin!
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** yes one did seem feminine maybe mickey got a growth spurt maybe it's 3 new chars and who is that guy walking in the distance? and why is there keyblades there? did the keyblade war already take place or is it going to?
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    OK i have been looking for this answer long enough now !!!

    the glowing eyed unknown was just a concept it was likely to be mr. Roxas or something because of what teh unknown says, but he could just be some other dude that has an striking resemblence to sora, but i'm pretty sure the glowing eye concept was removed
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    Realized this has NOT been answered yet .... may contain spoilers

    Riku was it his pals birthday party and they had a pinata and when RIku was they blindfolded him so he couldn't see the pinata and he got scared of the darkness and ran away.... Maybe Riku was the glowing eye unknown cause he was blinded by the darkness and then his eyes began to glow and...
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    Something I don't get about Roxas

    It wouldn't have really mattered in the end because Roxas could have started a new life. Diz just did the right thing. In the end it may have made Sora more powerful. Besides since Roxas is part of Sora if Axel befriended Sora it would be very similar to befriending Sora.
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    Xenoharts name?

    I don't really think the X in his name is truly significant in any way. I just think that somehow he lost his heart and we don't know or that he never had one in the first place. The one with no heart can control the heartless I've heard. The thing is, it was just made that way nobody can...
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    Xenoharts name?

    just because you have an X doesn't mean you are a nobody.
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    Xenoharts name?

    I thought nobodies were formed when you cast away your body or was it the heart I can't remember. I could be wrong but if you have no heart you can still cast your body away. If you have no heart your heart is always cast away therefore forming a nobody. I'm really not sure on that though
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    Meaning of DiZ...

    This is probably untrue but I saw on one of the reverse Ansem reports that Ansem was #0 on the list of experimented people from his followers if that helps maybe that's what it means