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  • I figured it out! I was right, the dimensions need to be the exact or otherwise it will add a white background to the image. I also had to change my image dimensions from inches to pixels :) Thanks again.
    Thanks for the tips. We might have different versions of macOS, but I sort of figured it out. I downloaded the picture and opened it via Preview. I cropped the photo just as you said. My problem is dimensions. If I recall correctly, if your image is bigger than the avatar dimensions (125x125) then it will add a white background to the image. However, if I try these dimensions in Preview, it's very very small. I think I need to play with it more, but I feel like I'm in the right direction.
    I want to use the Riku render (and do a close up like you) but I've been out of touch with photo editing software. Any chance you could help? It's funny, ages ago I posted a thread on how to do it, but I've lost my ways after switching to macOS. Tips would be helpful too.
    That's a good outlook on it! I'd actually prefer tiny little postcards that I could frame.
    Me too! They're probably going to be sold for ridiculous prices online, though. :c
    THEY'RE SO PRETTY, OH MY GOSH. ;___; I hadn't seen them before, but hands down Mami's is the best.
    were we? I don't see you on here, thats weird! :/ I'm going to add you right now, my FC is in my sig.
    Hey Sora :) I was wondering if I could add you on my 3DS? and was wondering if we can be best friends on here?
    Ok, thank you for your help. I've been debating doing that too. Even after seven grinding hours in...
    haha yeah, I reported it to a mod.

    People have told me there's more to the game besides that one spoiler, but I'm still worried that the whole game has been spoiled Q__Q

    Oh well, I guess I won't find out till Tuesday
    I figured that after I posted =/ Fortunately, that aspect of the game was spoiled for me a few days ago, but still what a douche.
    Hey Sora2016, I've noticed that the Meow Wow plushie is sold out even before the preordering deadline. Wheww glad we preordered ours on time.

    Kingdom Hearts 3d Meow Meow Plush at TFAW.com
    Well I found a website for pictures. I forgot though the name, I think you can click on a pic of mine and can see it. I get one that is for forums and there you go. ;3
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