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sora x kairi

Hey I am Sora X Kairi, Just thought of updating my profile page after so so long. I am a mager big fan of Kingdom Hearts i have known it for a while thanks to my mate Shannon :) but i have played many of its Series games as of Final Fantasy as Well. I am into Watching anime,Reading Manga. I write Story's based around Kingdom Hearts on half of my free time and others based on many other things that i do. I am a artist i love doing art at school i mostly do photo hand drawn requested which i take time on making perfect for the person who requested half of my work is helped by my mate Shannon :) I worked on A Kingdom Hearts Story in 2012 with my mate Shannon i created a whole view point of Sara who is the protagonist in my half of the story's, I enjoy to play Kingdom Hearts as i fully Love Sora who is a really Cute character in the game I also support Sora X Kairi,Namine X Roxas,XionXRoxas,AquaXVen,VanXNamine and more キングダムハーツ2ファイナルミックススリープファイナルミックスキングダムハーツバースバイは叙事詩である:)
I love playing these games they are epic
Kid icarus
Kingdom Hearts
The world ends with you
Final fantasy
Super smash bros
The legend of Zelda
And many more
Also i love Pit he's really cute and he's an epic hero figure :)
I am Also into Anime there are quite a few that i love
My favourite Animes:
Vampire Knight
Blue Exorcist
Fairy Tale
I enjoy to play Kingdom Hearts its a game Series you just get absorbed into because of its story around Sora and other Characters. I love Sora hes a great Adorable Cute and Sweet Character in Kingdom Hearts, I also Love Kairi Shes a sweet and Caring Character she cares for Sora and her other friends and i really enjoy and support annnd LOVE Sora X Kairi or Sokai or Soka for short contexts so cute together and has best artwork ive seen by far apart for RoxNam Same good great Artwork 2 hehe
I am also a big ThunderCats Fan ive loved it for most of my life from little to now thanks to my Dad and his best friend ive loved the old and new series that were placed up and I loved Liono and the rest of the gang for ages :3

TMI,Kingdom Hearts,art,reading fan fics of kh, writeing my own kh books,
Mar 3, 2001 (Age: 23)
UK Crewe
highschool, Kingdom Hearts Series, KH Storys and also my design characters off KH FF and other games
PlayStation Network ID
mabe gettin one
Xbox LIVE Gamertag
Currently playing
Kingdom hearts series,The Legend of Zelda series,Final fantasy series,Pokemon series,Kid icarus,