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Recent content by Some Dude1

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    ~-~Madam Lyssa hate/fanclub~-~

    if you love her or hate her your in the right place. now bow to the awesome-ness that is madam "I'M THE S TO THE Y-L-L THE I THE E AND CAN'T NO OTHER BAND KID PUT IT DOWN LIKE ME I'M SYLLYLICIOUS" i myself met her in "you're banned" thread (im a fan of her not a hater) ~-~fans~-~ v.p testify...
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    Help/Support ► STALKERR

    wow... now thats really really good advice... rep
  3. S

    what do you think

    it could happen(i dont think so) if it does im sure it would be a play fight at the start of the game(and thou out) or a real fight at the end of the game
  4. S

    -\/-\/-TESTIFY's fanclub-\/-\/-

    testies heres your fanclub... dont smoke it ;-p join if you like testify and he's pot heady goodness members: me Macabre Hershey Madam Lyssa Reneeski paoupu girl Hinamizawa Syndrome khlover7 Ami-Chan Afro Nyokki roXasisven riku is darkness Nero Ж€§ᾏ₦ aqualight Beastly0123 Divide&Conquer...
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    Help/Support ► How do you deal with failure?

    i listen to brutal death metal... dying fetus helps when i really bomb out of something
  6. S

    just a thought

    sorry if someone asked this before... i search but couldnt find anything. and im sorry if this is the wrong place ok i think if we had some FI post count system it would be pretty cool. just like a button you hit and it tells you how many FI posts you have. im NOT saying i want FI posts to...
  7. S

    this wont work

    sorry if this is the wrong place(i didnt really know where to put this) is to possable to have in my avvy or sig? if so how? i tryed to put it in but it said it was "invalid" or something along those lines. sorry im not good with computers thanks for any help you give
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    Help/Support ► Small-Talk

    if your being for real, no im old fashion which means one girl and no pussy till you think your in love if your not being for real, its always worked for me
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    Help/Support ► WAS IT A DREAM OR WAS IT REAL?

    Re: WAS IT A DREAM< OR WAS IT REAL? this has happend to me before(many times) the worse one was a ghost was taking a tv from my perents so i grab the cord and then i couldnt move. it started to fly around (me still with the death grip on the cord) so i was trying to let go but couldnt move and...
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    Help/Support ► Small-Talk

    random always works for me plus movies/tv shows anything that people are entertained by also if you see they cut their hair or something along those lines try talking about that you: i like the hair girl: yea my friend talked me into it. i dont know if it works for me though you: i think so...
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    Help/Support ► Girls flirting with you?

    sorry but why does that make you mad?
  12. S

    Help/Support ► Girls flirting with you?

    wait for her to say something like "i bet your great in bed" thats what i did :-)... ok serously if she looks happier the normal(for her i mean) then she is most likly flirting
  13. S

    Help/Support ► quick question about work

    ummm look at my post which is right above you
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    Help/Support ► quick question about work

    im looking for a apartment (the need for money i was talking about in the first post) i only called in cause i got the flu. and i work every morning(execpt for sunday but thats cause were closed) so getting sick can rack up those sick day fast. but i just asked to work more to make up for my...