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  • Glad to know that you had fun!

    Well, from overworking or not, you need to take rest. I'll be sure to pray for you :).

    Yeah, I figured out there wasn't such event. But regardless, when I told my buddies 'I've run out of Potions, Guilt missions are going to be tough', they immediately one-shot the last four Guilt Heartless for me (save for 666 High Wizards; I took 90 Guilts from them myself ;D) in the last hour (using less than 30 minutes of it). I was so impressed, but more like touched :').

    Oh, I'll check it out. Didn't use Twitter much :p. Thanks for following. Though I've never Tweeted, considering I have only a few follower friends there, haha. Not many friends know that I have a Twitter account.
    It's fine, Solo! So you had a blast today?

    Oh, please take more rest. Probably too tired from working?

    I meant those rewards the whole team get when a certain number of players achieve Guilt max. Like previously, 20 players, hence "20 Guilt lists rewards". I couldn't think of a proper term, haha.
    Awww... I've run out of Potions. I can't complete my Guilt list by tonight. Kinda regretted using loads of them on the Hammers back then, haha. But the Counter series are cool! Too bad they only activate when you don't get killed... Do we have 20 Guilt lists rewards? I didn't pay attention. If we had, I would have to apologize to my buddies...
    I see. Well, in that case, I hope there won't be a day when all the kids decide not to come coincidentally xD/

    Oh, you're right! Why didn't I think of Combo Plus? But then, activating Combo Plus AND Berserk III would surely deal more damage than just Combo Plus, wouldn't it? Since we can't equip two Combo Plus.
    Sorry for the late reply! I just went watching movie with my brother :p. When we got home, I just had the last 10 minutes to hit a normal boss once (and killing it coincidentally) and four times on the next Sub...

    Huh, students can choose to come freely on Saturdays?

    By the way, I have planned and re-planned my purchases. I have purchased all the good skills with basic prices, and I'm now storming my brain whether to drop the last Berserk III (777777) and purchase all the other last skills or drop the last Berserk II, Berserk I and Hybrid Up III (499999 in total) and purchase all the other last skills. I can only afford one of these. Which choice do you think is more worthwhile? A single Berserk III or Berserk II, Berserk I and Hybrid Up III?
    Huh, so only 3 students in total? I suppose the class would be relatively relaxing compared to normal weekdays, yeah? Are there always only this many students on Saturdays?
    Hi Solo, I'm afraid I won't be able to chat with you tonight, as my lecturer suddenly changed the presentation date to tomorrow (O_O what a surprise!!!!). I'll need to go all out with this, so I have to be absent in the 2-hour LUT too T.T.
    Haha, yeah, mine was 4 minutes something to be exact, too :p. I now have 6 million+ (not kidding), haha. I'll plan my purchases tomorrow, since I'm focusing on the material guide. I expect I can have it done in another half an hour (or at least 40 minutes). So yeah, a busy night...
    Hey Solo! Sorry for the late reply, it was some BUSY boosters-burning just now だから xD. Well, I managed to use up the last one in the last five minutes, phew! Haha, glad that they are not giving anymore 5 boosters! How about you?
    Hi Solo! Yeah, hopefully there will be water soon.

    I'm using a computer in my school's lab (a class in the lab :p). The computer's OS is old, but man, its processor is fast and KH chi runs super smoothly! It's like 2 seconds faster than my laptop! I wonder how many more blocks I could earn if I used the computers here to play, haha.
    Hey, if you ever need anything done by higher level mods, just post it in the staff section threads: Report-A-Member thread or "The Mod Thread". xD

    Also I am a super mod so I can also fulfill any requests. Ruran also gets on early and you can always VM/PM her, too!
    Give us some of your clouds, then! Haha. I don't know. They had been told to have a more efficient way to resolve this since the last crisis, but we never see anything... The only thing they did was warning us that there would be a supply cut off lately. But it has been raining too! And today's was especially heavy. I don't get why @@.
    Wait, what? A 2-hour jam!? Oh gosh. Even 1 hour would be crazy for me. And yeah, sleeping is the best decision! Since we don't sleep much daily, that kinda serves like a nap, haha. Does this happen often?

    Phew. 14 boosters left! This time, I cut my Ether usage. I didn't use Ethers to refill twice, unlike what I have been doing. However, since we didn't have many Guilts, we couldn't deal great damage. There was at least a 300 drop in my blocks for every 1 BP attack compared to last week. The boss' level also didn't go pass 200.

    And our water supply has just been cut off.
    Well, it could be still 3.5 days to me, because I might just focus on the event until after Thursday's maintenance, haha.

    I personally think that if you still can earn after purchasing, there should be no harm buying. But heck, the new YS SR+ are EXPENSIVE!! Perhaps you buy some of them first. You might want to do some calculation. Like, with your daily average gained blocks, how many more might you still gain? Then use the grand total to see if you can grab all those goodies, or, at least deduct the amount used to buy the Yen Sid's to see how many are left.
    Yeah, that's a way to use a booster too. I'm sure that I already have enough blocks to buy what I want, anyway. But... 5 more freaking boosters as reward.

    I have the same feeling... We have already been fooled around by the big event, now more business to plunge ourselves in. Walao. I really don't want to collect Guilts anymore. I'm tired of all of these, haha.
    Good for you!! I have 18 left, haha. And my Ethers have now turned to 81! Oh heck. I've even purchased all the available Ethers from the Gummi trade shop just now. How am I supposed to make the best use of my remaining boosters T.T? Guess I'll just do boosted runs if my Ethers hit 0...
    Oh, you were able to buy out all the Yen Sid SR+? I haven't earned enough Mog Medals to be able to do so. So far I could only purchase one. I sure hope it will be easy to obtain the medals afterwards!
    I still have 29 boosters left. Fortunately I was able to burn some in the morning and just now, or I would have more left. Yes, using up all is not hard; it's the lack of Ethers that makes it hard. I only have 111 Ethers now. I remember it was over 700 at the beginning of this event. How crazy the usage was!! I regretted not buying Ethers daily...
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