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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Posted on my own profile...

    Thanks for your concern! :').

    Haha, that's one reason. Well, the truth is that I've been drawing today and I'm having trouble coloring my work, as I don't use digital coloring (I have 0 experience in this, plus I don't have a scanner), but I don't seem to be able to find my poster color either. The last time I used it was last year, haha. Things are so messy here so it will take some time to find it.

    And I just went for an appointment with my dentist this afternoon, where she adjusted (actually, tightened too) my brace, so my teeth are kinda painful now. Even eating hurts. So, no, not the best mood for anything now xD.
    Huh? I though their lessons should be easy? Third graders... were they doing more than they were capable of?

    Yeah, I've sent a request there. Thanks for sharing the link!
    That's why I appreciate the fact that we are in A-class. But is your team losing? There should be a couple more teammates who still have enough Ethers.

    Your brain is fried up for 6 kids? Haha! So it went as bad as you expected?
    lol, thanks~

    I tried to answer as much as I could and was hoping to talk to the poster more, but they logged out while I was posting. =;D
    You... saw me online @@? No, no freaking way. I can swear to the Lord, that I've not been using Skype, not even touching its icon, in these few days. Could that be...?

    Smiles... haha (I read that, to be honest xD). Yeah, you've told me about that before. I think the example you gave was... what was it again, I remember you mentioned friends too. Perhaps particles? I don't remember, haha. Do they use textbooks? Because some books do portray the explanations that way! It adds life to the topic, and it's way easier to understand. Students would get bored less likely :D. But I'm sure it hardly works on grown-ups or teenagers, haha.
    Poor you, haha. Well, that can be treated as a challenge to you. It trains your brain, and you can see whether you still remember all the stuff you learned back then (although I believe you do, haha). But even so, it's way better than explaining stuff to some of the China students here...
    Haha. Yeah, I figure kids are sometimes harder to deal with than teenagers. Some teenagers might be bad and they just want things go their way, but at least they are mature enough to understand what you tell them. It sometimes takes more effort to explain something to a kid, as we have to figure out a simpler way to explain to them. But hey, I thought I was the maturest kid in my class all the while back then xD.
    Is it? Oh, I don't know that teaching kids can be that busy! Are there any exams for them recently?

    I took a looooong nap after school today, haha.

    How's your day been? And glad to know that you're good and healthy again!
    Can't wait to get my own ones :).

    The new Lux system reminds me of the old days when I had just started playing the game. Back then when I hadn't joined any party, I could only gain 68 or 72 Lux for a normal boss, and not more than 200 Lux during LUT. Even surviving four turns from a normal Trickmaster fight would make my day. When I started getting above 1000, I was so happy! It all comes back now, although I gain much more than those days, haha.
    Can't wait to get my own ones :).

    The new Lux system reminds me of the old days when I had just started playing the game. Back then when I hadn't joined any paarty, I could only gain 68 or 72 Lux for a normal boss, and not more than 200 Lux during LUT. Even surviving three turns from a normal Trickmaster fight would make my day. When I started getting above 1000, I was so happy! Haha. It all comes
    This sure brings back memories of old consoles... My brother and I once owned a pseudo-SNES (works the same - slot in the cartridge and play with the joypad - but made by some other companies, and the games are made differently). And in the 2000s, we went borrowing handhelds from friends whenever we saw them playing. They were considered a 'waste' of money in my parents' eyes, since they weren't cheap, too. So we never really had any gaming consoles or handhelds with us other than the one mentioned above. And that's why I would like to buy a PS3, or at least a 3DS using my own money. I believe the feeling was great to you :D.
    Just as I thought, haha. Who would give up that easily?

    Wow, you had an NES? In my days, the oldest I had ever seen was Gameboy, if not Gameboy Color. Though I had never gotten one myself. Do you still have it with you? :D
    I'm sorry, but that sounds kinda hilarious, haha! So did you learn to be careful next time, or did you become a good boy instead?
    Same here! I kinda disliked taking naps back then, because I just wanted to play and if I took a nap, I would feel dizzy after waking up and then spend the rest of the day that way, haha. But sometimes I just had to take naps because of tiredness. Now, if I ever get bored, I can take a nap for more than an hour, because I have literally nothing to do!
    Yeah, it's good to enjoy off days while we can. I'm sure it won't be the same next year!

    I agree with you that their written and spoken English have big difference. Well, at least some of them can still speak clearly. That's why I would just communicate with them using Chinese. Plus for being a Chinese! Haha.

    Ahahahahaha! 'Laugh die me' (direct Chinese to English, Chinglish)! Singlish is what we Malaysians are also speaking, frankly. No wonder they sound so familiar. Well, at least the auntie speaks fluently and we can understand her. To be honest, she is better than some people. So far we have Singlish and Chinglish, and my lecturer told us that there is even Inglish (Indian English).
    Alright, I hope you get well soon!

    No, I don't have class on Monday and Thursday. Out of a week, I only need to study for three days :p.

    Oh, the presentation. Well, we had two China students in our group, who don't speak good English and have heavy accent when speaking. It's fine that they relied too much on the script, but we had absolutely no idea what they were pronouncing, not to mention our lecturer. While my Malaysian friend and I spoke very well and clear, which was a plus. That presentation was terrible at the start but got better for the second half. We merely passed, haha.
    Yeah, I didn't expect them to do this for me, especially when I myself don't do Guilt Helps often. Many of them, I believe, were already running low on Potions like me, but they did this together, which was what made them able to do so. In Chinese, we call this 义气 (kinda like 'brotherhood'), which is often shown in Hong Kong gangster films. If one got arrested or assaulted, the other wouldn't run for himself. I never made the wrong decision when I decided not to leave the team :D!
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