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  • Man. It's been awhile!! Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is amazing...
    But I'm kinda gettin tired of these portable games. Just make one big game!!!
    both. yea so i think im gonna get off soon. what time is it were ur at?
    i want an xbox 360 just so i can play Call of Duty
    lol its fine. im in california which isnt all that like people think it s. on the other hand im only gonna be 300 miles from nomura tommorow!!!!!!!!
    25 character limit. try typing a msg under 25 letters, it dosent work.
    huh thats weird it was on my profile. looks like the computer tricked me.
    no problem. yea so tell me a lil bit about yourself. i love reading, drawing, writing, and kingdom hearts of course. i like shooters but i suck at them cause i cant play the often so yea!
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