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    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Re: HD Remaster/Remake Discussion Thread Nomura said there would be an announcement soon regarding a Now we have TWEWY on iOS now. So I see there being a possibility he could do the same with the others in some way for the consoles/handhelds. Back when Nomura said we would have announcement...
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    Gears of War: Judgment

    July's Game Informer Cover was revealed to be a teaser for the next Gears of War game. More information about it will be revealed at Microsoft's press conference at E3 next week. Awwww yeahhhh.
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    Xehanort's many forms... (for those that are confused about what's going on)

    So by the rules of Time-Travel in the KH Universe, what your saying is... YMX brings all the past forms of Master Xehanort into the current timeframe. But they HAVE to later return to continue what the past has already done. Meaning at some point down the timeline of KH, more than likely in...
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    KH3D Ultimania Nomura Interview! - Future KH Announcement soon!

    welp. Something tells me it'll do the same thing like Metal Gear Solid. Started as a PlayStation exclusive, got HD Remakes that went cross-platform, and will have new titles on multiple consoles as well. Remember that BBS was stalled at first for KH:Re:CoM on the PS2? Something tells me that's...
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    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    Im a college kid! What's the bonus of that? My Japanese friends in the international student dorm hall who can translate some stuff for me! so needless to say, I have a major spoiler Take of it what you will.
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    KH3D Site Updated: System Section!

    argh! you beat me to it! lol
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I just thought of something. I think MF is Master Xehanort's Nobody. hahaha. See, in Birth By Sleep, Master Xehanort used his Keyblade to release his heart and take over Terra. That's why a heartless wasn't created. But his empty body created MF. Xehanort was then running around using Terra's...
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    Forum: Future of KH ; Thread: There not being one for some...

    What I mean by that is, a good chunk of people will give up on Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts first released back in 2002. It was a surprise for many as the game had a mixture of, at the time, Square and.... Disney? Although the combination seemed like a recipe for disaster, it turned out to be...
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    KH3D Trailer Impression (With Dialogue)

    Does anybody know what the keyblade that appeared to Xehanort looked like? :eek:
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    KH3D shown briefly on 3DS conference

    remember that Nomura said Riku and Sora would change instantaneously in-game.
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    Help/Support ► Google Riderection Virus - Help Me :(

    SAD UPDATE: This is what ended up happening. The virus that installed itself was part of a virus called ZUMIESEARCHSERVICE. WHAT IT DOES: Corrupts any internet browser and redirects to malware sites that will install Trojans and other viruses onto your computer. WHERE IS IT: It is listed as a...
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    Help/Support ► Google Riderection Virus - Help Me :(

    I have a very pesky little virus commonly known as the Google Redirection Virus. Basically what it does is, you make a search on Google. You click on the link. Then you are redirected once or twice to another page that tries to download Trojans and Malware onto your computer. I've pretty...
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    BBS and KH II FM+ Connection Help?

    hmmm... (rewatches Final Episode) :| *slaps hand to forehead* duuhhhh!!! I completely forgot about that. Maybe its because the secret ending wasn't that interesting... woops... :frown:
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    BBS and KH II FM+ Connection Help?

    SO In the end of KH BBS, we see Aqua diving into the puddle of darkness after she defeats Terra-Xehanort in Radiant Garden. She starts flying back towards the opening and knows she won't make it. So she sends her armor and keyblade up with Terra-Xehanort to save Terra's body so one day she can...
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    gamespot E3 noruma interview

    So if Kingdom Hearts 3D wasn't that big of a deal, then the team would be focusing on KH III. That means KH3D is going to be an important part of the KH franchise, and not just some silly side experiment.