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  • teehee. nice to meet a nother con for mist...
    hey, check out my poetry. it's on my sig, and on my statistics(show all threads posted)
    teehee, every random is a pattern.
    eehee, you read the easter post, didn't you? >D funfun, being evil.
    so how is the urge to break hearts and threads doing? is it dead yet?
    teehee, now you steal away/take him out today..
    nice work ya did, you're gonna go far, kid (TRUST DECIEVED)
    Considering not many trolls..ogres, stay it will be hard getting used to being a serious member. Yes the internet isn't really serious business but it does have a structure that needs to be followed; at least forums do. However there is potential in you, so just keep up the good work of repairing the damage that you have already done and become a better member. I'm sure you'll do fine; compared to others I've talked with this turn around of demeanor was easy. In fact, turn around's are rare.
    Depends on how you present yourself. It's ok to be funny and comical but just don't go over board with it. That's a large mistake most new members make, but you'll get the swing of things in due time.
    Not to much as me letting you stay but the other staff. Still, I can see your tune is changing already. Happy easter to you too.
    *sigh* yeah

    but please, do everyone a favor:

    a- stop spamming
    b- stop being wrong (harder than it sounds, i know)
    c- stop being annoying

    enjoy the rest of your stay :).......:(
    ive had a lil bit too much, much
    all of the people start to rush, start to rush by...
    sometimes i go uphill. just for the heck of it.
    mhm. there is no sense in the world. period.
    it's a fractal. so am i...go with the flow.
    can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my pa-pa-po-po-poker face pa-pa-pa-poker face... XD

    so very sorry, big problems in the family recently, i needed a way to vent :)

    but i just posted another thing...

    MLG? That's pretty cool Win any first or really high spots? I've done some MLG for Halo 3, but my parents made me quit once school started up.

    What bands?
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