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  • Worse yet they mostly only argue or bitch about what specs a damn system has. Since when was it about system? TnT

    It's a start. >:3 [jk] In seriousness though interesting things have been happening for a while in AoT. Same for Tokyo Ghoul. 8D
    So true. Gaming has lost its innovation a great deal since it's early years. ='[

    Your lucky. ;A;

    Say wha!? B-but the titans!
    I first played the original when I was 5 or so. The first was good but my faves are the trinity of 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. Between these three and the S&Ks lock on feature you easily have six games! Someone once called it the original dlc. lmao
    I never play 3 on its own but I love the combined game of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I can beat it with every emerald in two hours no stopping.
    2 is a masterpiece on its own but put it on S&K and you can extend it with Knuckles!
    Such innovation is what the gaming industry has lacked for decades. =w=

    Your parents play games?! You madam are luckier than you know. =O

    Still keeping up with AoT?
    Someone say classic Sonic!? 8D
    At least they know to look. My parents can even work their DVD player. xD
    I played and beat the download and it was good so I bet it was awesome original! =D
    Do a second playthrough? You get the most of both Chrono games with multiple goes.

    I can understand. I don't have space for original stuff anymore though. TnT
    Srsly!? Whats the original like!? I played the original game Chrono Trigger in it's original form but now Cross. =O

    Its on multiple platforms silly. xD
    Your not missing anything trust me. xD

    You can download it to something's for cheaper than 15$ =O
    Understood! I wish they was on WiiU. If the WiiU had some 3DS player like the gamecube and SNES' gameboy attachments I wouldn't even bother with a handheld.

    *hears only chrono cross and eyes lighten* 8D Chrono Cross?
    Me too!!! ;u;
    What about Ocarina of Time for N64? >:D

    Good actually. I started at 1 and now I'm on Revelations.
    I wish I felt so as well. TuT

    Oh ho such good choices! Did you ever try Majoras Mask?

    Also I have recently tried jumping headlong into Assassins Creed. xD
    lol I'm not much better. Only what I make doesn't even look that good after the week. xD

    Whats your fav game? 8D
    Your tumblr seeps cuteness. *o*
    You do good at that Ghost trailer style. =D

    You play zelda too I take it? TuT
    Drawing? Can I see? 8D

    I found this today: Star of the Bazaar | You can be king again. it's to much for the feels. TnT
    Werewolves? As a pet? o_0

    I got a bunch of used Assassins Creed games for 20$ yesterday~
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