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  • Thats to bad yet it's cool he's inspired things like the Magic trailer.

    Your in college already!?
    Oh damn srsly!? Is he gonna make another video? Or is he behind the magic trailer?
    How are you lately btw?
    Random feel good drop off!
    My Corner — fuckyeahcomicsbaby: The Princess of Pluto Why...
    Nope because the system back then was still mostly gaming. =w=

    There's a new series that started last weekend. Dragon Ball Super. Written by Toriyama himself just like Battle of Gods and Revival of F. ouo

    Still nope. ;n;
    I dont count that since it's only three options in a limited internet age. I'm thinking of how your system now have more online or other features than gameplay ones. xD


    No. ;A;
    Yeah but they didn't have nongaming crap to flood it with like they do now. TuT


    Music doesn't help me. ;n;
    *sobs* It makes me sad to the point of depression almost. TnT Systems wouldn't be so high if it weren't for all those damn nongaming features.

    NO GAME NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:3

    Something I've been understanding for weeks now. ;n;
    What has happened to gaming? ;A;

    Exactly! That right there! You had a reason to love everything. TuT These days? Nope. u_u
    They focus to damn much on extra features. Netflix, youtube, facebook? All that is so dumb and useless when my computer does the same stuff.

    BUT THE TITAN-*gets sucked into No Game No Life* BUT THE GAMES!!!
    Not just PS2 but that gen in general. Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, Gameboy, everything had reasons to own one.

    Dang it woman dont make me spam spoilers on your page! xD
    I have the most nostalgia for the N64/PS1 era but the PS2 era was the last things focused on the games and it had the most games I liked to come out then.

    Your somewhere close. I'm just not sure where. I'm on like 60 something so my memory isn't 100% on what point your on specifically. xD
    That's so sad. TnT No wonder I'm always nostalgic for the PS2 era.

    o_o You.....you aren't much further past where the anime ended. Like the 30s in manga chapter.
    I've heard them for years now myself. Everyone is a sony fanboy or a xbox one or nintendo. When did gaming stop being about the games? =[

    WHA!? What do you remember last about story?
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