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  • I saw the other day; crazy stuff. I'm surprised the child is still alive with all of those malformations :L
    Lmao rocking to some music <3

    Well, it's a large thread as it is so... yeah sometimes it will take a while. The lag is also dependent on the visitors and members viewing the site as well.
    Oh I can use it and all, just not for extended periods without AC; it's fucking murder in here as it is (then again I've been moving around quite a bit). And I wouldn't know about that since I haven't posted anything in a while. Might give it a try later once there's an interesting topic to post in.
    I got my Shiny Charmander from someone else. Trading doesn't need to happen
    I was thinking about doing that earlier, but considering that thing pumps sooo much heat in my tiny little room and my parents can't meet me half way where air and heat goes. I'd rather not suffer (not to mention the PC running making it even hotter) And I can see how that can get annoying, the server has been shit lately :c
    Does the game.. suck? The cardinal rule of movie to game adaptions is they almost always suck. And you'll enjoy it, and you're bound for a couple of surprises.
    It's good, like, go watch it right now---destroy ANY obsticle in your way to see this movie.

    Well I'm just glad someone found me out there. And on the brightside I was treated to a movie today by my dad. Go see T4: Salvation~ if you haven't already that is ;D
    Eh, I'm a bit better now but things still feel stale.

    Oh and it was the entire experience of walking. I was basically 10 miles away from my home; I walked about an 1/8 of that in 90 degree + weather until one of my friends spotted me and picked me up. A godsend yes, but regardless the day was shit.
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