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  • Everyone makes mistakes, even mods; shit I'm not perfect and I don't try to act like it. But at the very least everyone deserves a second chance hence the reason why none of the members that partook in this event (even the ones that had started it) were not permanently banned. But that's just me, the rest of the staff either doesn't give a damn or are dumbfounded and appalled at the situation at hand.
    Don't really have my battle team with me. Haven't even used them in awhile.
    uh ok. Just show me what you have or whatever. Just get the trade done tonight >>
    I doubt it would be delayed, he can easily be replaced I'm afraid. However, I'm sure they will mention his death in the credits considering.
    Too bad I took notice to this so late in the day; damned timezones and school ;-; it's a large loss for the Disney family and for other families around the world. Shame, he did a smash up job for the amount of time he did his VA work, and it seemed untimely considering he was only what 62?
    Request me on YouTube? What do you mean? Send me a friend request? If so, sure! If not, explain. xD
    uh, I;ll contact you. I have to visit my grandpa in the hospital tomorrowe and I don't really know when that will be. Probably later that night.
    SOLD! I can train an Espeon for you for that Shiny. Please? Please? PLEASE? ;-;
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