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Shire Folk
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  • Oooh, congratulations!!! :D Looks like someone's gonna be "Uncle Shire" from now on. ;)

    Anywho, I'm planning on some stuff. BTW, FoTD and HoTC are only on hiatus. This is my Senior year in High School and I'm doing the best I've ever done since 7th Grade academically speaking and there's a lot happening. xD

    And also... Revelations may end up actually being written, albeit unrelated to the new FoTD and as a stand-alone story with revised elements. ;) I'm not sure about it yet, but if I have time and can think up how to make it work, it may come back.
    Hahaha, right now I favor extremely unusual class/race combos.

    I want my next 85 to be a tauren shadow priest simply because of how strange it is.

    Kind of odd since I'm leveling a Belf DK right now and there's practically an unlimited amount of those out there. But I wanted strangulate+arcane torrent.

    And I think everyone hates rogues, especially undead rogues, even rogues hate rogues for the most part.
    Toadles=me just fyi.

    I saw your signature.


    How COULD YOU!

    Alliance?!! Moar forsaken!

    Although the alliance have the closest thing to the races of the free peoples of middle earth :). Gnomes are not as good as hobbits though.

    I'm going back to my old account name, forget this account ever existed!

    But I'll always have Mr.Toad somewhere!
    Roger that, bro. ;)

    BTW I'm hoping to get myself a beta, so if you have any recommendations, that'd be swell.
    Interested in a couple more new trailers from FoTD and HoTC? ^_^ I had thought I'd shown 'em to you, but apparently it looks like I haven't.
    Okay, I'll PM it to you. ;) And can't wait to read Chapter 53! :D I'll be sure to review it when it's out.
    Hey bro, what's up? :D I have a scene from FoTD to show you, if you're interested. ;)
    Random message here, but...I've stalked around your FFnet page for like over a month; you got serious writing talent ^^". Just thought I should drop by and say that. On that note, sup? :3
    So what's on your probably-blown-away-mind right now, bro?

    Probably the same thing as mine, if you just saw the BBS:FM Secret Ending... O_O
    Hey Shire, looks like you've heard the VA for Aqua. lol

    That aside, what else do you think of the BBS trailer? ^_^
    Holy crap... Lord Moldybutt just updated!!! D8 I swear this is my lucky day. XD
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