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  • I also wish we got to talk more, it's really nice to meet other cool Vanitas fans, I sure do hope he gets even more popular, since around here he was received (or rather rejected) so childishly rather often... Ugh. Anyway, those silly memories aside, you can find me on my deviantArt or main tumblr, I'll continue posting stuff there as often as I can.
    *deep voice* Hugs... are eternallllllllll
    Heyaz~ late reply, but to be honest I'm leaving the forums now. I'm here to say my goodbyes and rely to what messages I got since my last login weeks ago
    Things are going alright, uni life, research, Latin, lots of stuff in fact. I enjoy it all <3 I'm already hyped for vacation, I'll play Bloodborne and my thrist is huuuuge for that game atm
    This loyal Vanitas fangirl is sending you hugs <3 take care, enjoy KH3 if you're playing on release soon, I know I won't till months later
    lolol, I wish your first award would've been something more meaningful or idk, rather than a completely random ninja'd post xD but I'm still glad for you to have it, the start of all awards
    Yea that feeling of nervousness shouldn't be there in first place, isn't the internet supposed to be some escape to chill? xD but I guess in the end it's not like that. I see you are born the same year as me, I think we are around the average 20+ age here, but gee, to feel bad just for one's age is something so unnecessary :< I feel ya. I myself joined when I was pretty much a broken and ill person, seeking to keep busy so sad thoughts don't catch up on me. It helped me, being active here back then... it certainly was easier too
    Lol then it's fine, let's hope the award request gets approved xD
    Well, I am not surprised, at this point in the forums it seems you can't theorize freely because old users shut you down. The forums used to be better than this, but now it's just pretty much awful to be around. I just hate it that I can accept others' point of view but they are on a chase to nullify whatever I try to add to speculation, like they have some authority to do that...
    I'd like to reply with "does destiny/fate ever ask for consent? No" but I will keep my word and stay out of it.
    Sorry fam, I ninja'd you xD I didn't even know
    hope you at least get the Ninja'd award from me as some sort of pixel gift
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