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  • lol. Its funny. You were the first person to become my "friend" when I first joined.
    She's big over here, but mostly for the way she rips celebs. I'd respect her for that, if her music wasn't so bad lol.
    Lol xD The accent isn't all that posh talk you know of. Alot, including mine, is quite common xD So is Lilly allen big over there?
    hahahahahahaha. not at all.
    i'm actually quite proud of that.

    it's the same with Flashback Humor as well.
    growls like a man, but she's actually a chick.
    Lawl. On different forums - its the same issue with me and gender.
    No one knows for sure.

    It's fucking hilarious.
    You show me yours, I'll show you mine.
    I've been on a spree asking people on KHI, lmao.
    So it isn't just you.

    mostly gfx kids.
    Thanks for the rep ^^ And don't be silly, i'm grateful for the advice you gave me, it was all valid and you didn't come across nasty at all ^^
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