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  • So you find it has an eerie sort of beauty? I was so happy to see Rapture in its heyday in the DLC for Infinite. It was a really beautiful place, and I can understand why people would want to live there. But I'm glad they didn't make me go there a 3rd time for that game. You can only admire something for so long before you become bored with it. But they handled it very well.
    It just felt creepy, its one of the reasons why I feel so mesmerized about it. The music is beautiful but everything around you it gives you an awkward feeling. I hope they have a collection one day for the PS4.
    What about BioShock irks you? XD
    The second game was made entirely by 2K with little input from Levine. That's why it honestly isn't as good as the other 2. the first one is great, but Infinite...now that is a fine game if I ever played one. Everything in it is so satisfying. The music, the visuals, the gameplay, the characters. It's a wonderful game that's so full of fun things to do that it honestly never felt like a chore to me. It really kept me engaged.
    Well the past few days I've been sorely lacking in motivation to do anything -_-
    But I've been playing BioShock and wanting to write something. Reading some books and watching movies, too. Don't think I'll get a PS4 until something irresistible comes out.
    That is good. I had two packages come today, going to make to see my landlord on Friday about a new lease while looking for rental assistance this week.
    I am trying my best for December. I have also been leveling up my Pokemon for the past days, trying to get all the Pokemon in my box up to level fifty.
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