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  • I never said you couldn't like the name 'Dark'.
    I asked you to stop posting in threads that were years old.
    And, yes, my username is the symbolic representation of infinity.
    While you might want to parade 'Dark' or other 'original' characters around, could I please ask that you don't do it by posting in a thread that's been dead for years?
    Hey, uh, your signature doesn't work. You didn't copy the URL for the picture right so it ends up ruining it.
    Alright, I know they were a bit harsh on you in the Keyblade Academy Roleplay Thread but you haven't been cleared yet to post in the actual RP. I would suggest you stop posting there so they don't become too irritated with you. Ashes or Myself or even others would be glad to help you with your RPing skills but don't post just yet until CadenLumaria says it's okay.

    Thank you.
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