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  • Thats cool but when did she buy it cause I have heard all these stories about people with Launch PS3's breaking down around this time. So if your sisters PS3 is a little old, you should get a new one. Also whats your PSN name or whats it going to be?
    haha, yeah. i saw his fight too. i thought he would lose but eh, wrong again.

    and you're right cotto's face was a mess!
    no that's ok, i don't mind.

    it's just that, you said there's no spam, and the reason for the blue thingy IS because i spam, correct? xD
    exactly, my posts are complete spam.

    and in the quote, you said that there is no spam in these forums.

    are you serious? this pretty much proves that the stuff in your sig is only there because you think it's "cool". right? xDD
    at least UNDERSTAND the reason for it being there, and the statement i quoted proves you do not. if not, im sure you would have said "oh yes now Aqua will shut up WHOOPEEeE"
    lol cewl, and thanks I try hard to make good music. I wrote Make It Stupid many times but I was never satisfied. Finally I wrote up some verses that sound okay too me.
    Nah, I didn't really do anything to deserve that. Most of the people who won awards were mods, so... I didn't stand a chance. I know that I mostly come out with bullshit but sometimes I do bother being serious. I just don't see why I have to all the time, that's all. When I'm serious, it counts, I guess. Thanks, though. That was nice of you.
    It was pretty much a realistic and expected response, I guess. The problem I had was that she was so openly for anorexia without actually realising how dangerous it was, and she seemed to know jack shit about it, especially when she said she was anorexic herself when it's clear that she's not. People who contradict themselves and are hypocrites piss me off majorly, so that's why I bit back so harshly. It's not like she was stupid - she was just immature and seeking attention, and when someone bested her, she took the cheap road and ran away with her tail between her legs instead of apologising with dignity and admitting she was in the wrong for acting the way she did.
    don't worry man, you'll think of something. c: from where did you copy that anyway?
    hehe that's fine. you're not alone on that one. by any chance you'll let me see one of your works? :D
    oh so you're not in the philippines right now?. hey do you make sigs and tags?
    Yeah, I don't really upload videos anymore, it's just an account I use to watch and favorite certain videos.
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