• Spoiler tag your spoilers, please. That includes all unknown content from the DLC that was not shown in trailers or discussed in pre-release interviews.

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  • Thanks. Though when I put this avatar on, I was hoping for some comment about my fascination with Hitler [fyi, I'm not fascinated with Hitler. I hate him, but he's funny to use him as my idol], but instead, it's "This avatar is cool"
    Delete your sig, honestly, just delete it. You are the cancer ruining my internet.
    Please change your bottom sig, or resize it.

    No matter how much I like it, it goes past the forum...Sorry.
    No prob. It was funny.
    But one thing, whenever you're making a thread for comedy like that don't post it in Future of KH section because that section is mainly for serious discussion about theories and whatnot.
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