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    New Scans?

    I'm pretty sure this is new but I'm not sure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNCU_ZwzYe0&feature=sub I didn't find this, credit goes to goodman2008 if it is new
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    Spoilers(Mysterious figure theory)

    WARNING THERE ARE EXTREME SPOILERS BELOW PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Okay so we now know from the re:coded secret movie that Xehanort is coming back, and not alone. So a lot of people have thought maybe Braig, or even Vanitus. And while Braig is certainly an option Vanitus isn't, he merged...
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    Question about bbs

    I was wondering if you are able to go back and fight bosses again, like the way it was in kh2fm.
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    New boss theory

    Alright I have a theory about the new boss. So when eraques was betrayed by xehanort and 'killed' doesn't that mean he also got a heartless and a nobody. If this is true then it is a possibility that the new boss is eraques's nobody =D. So what I'm thinking is, that since nobody's can't use...
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    BBS website!!!

    Alright for those of you who don't know birth by sleep just released there new site on the kingdom hearts website LINK>>KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | SQUARE ENIX Thanks to goodman2008 for showing me this his youtube is YouTube - goodman2008's Channel O I just found this it's all stuff we...
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    bbs guide?

    ok so im going to get bbs but i dont understand Japanese so i was wondering if someone could tell me if someone could give me a youtube account or link to a website so that i could use it if i ever get stuck maybe even a translation guide or something so that it would be easier for me or...
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    Racing game in BBS?

    well in the bottom left hand corner of the new scan that was released you can see tav racing against each other so i guess there will be a racing game:cool: http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/scan_vjump_2010_jan.jpg
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    holy crap i just found out that i may get to go to tokyo japan for a week sometime in febuary so i was wondering if anyone has ever been there and nows were i can get kingdom hearts birth by sleep because i promise that i will post tons of screen shot and videos thank you:lol:
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    ok as you all know nomura posted a new entry in the blog and at the end he said that they are finishing up yada yada yada and then he said their working on the opening movie and the secret movie so im thinking that like always you"ll need to complete all the activements and then we will have the...
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    Due to all the "what is marvel or pixar were in kingdom hearts" I"ve decided to make one.

    Due to all the "what is marvel or pixar were in kingdom hearts" I"ve decided to make one. THIS IS PURLY FOR FUN AND IF YOU DONT LIKE SARCASM AND TONS OF TYPOS THEN DO NOT READ THIS. alright first of all no flamming if you want to flame do it somewhere else O.K. what if marvel was in kingdom...
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    new level up system

    abviously the new level up system is a board game but nomara said that you can level up by gaining exp to i for one will try out both and mabye even before fighting a hard boss pack on the exp how about you?
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    first of all the credit goes to kh13.com as these are theres enjoy :lol: YouTube - Birth by Sleep, Japanese trailer - Ven (Speed Rave) + Aqua (Magic Wish) YouTube - Birth by Sleep, Japanese trailer - Ven (Cyclone) YouTube - Birth by Sleep, Japanese trailer - Aqua Gameplay + Magic Wish...
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    how people duel-weild keyblades

    here is my theory on how to duel weild a keyblade when sora and riku battle xemnas sora requests to use rikus keyblade and riku accept then sora proceeds to whoop xemnas a$$. Any ways my theory is that you are alotted one keyblade and then another one can be gifted to you temporally or you can...
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    link between riku and MX apprentice

    im currently working on a theory but all i have so far is there outfits are similar
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    OMG check this link i found its amazing(if you can understand japanese) http://www.square-enix.co.jp/mobile/kh/ its called kingdom hearts mobile its like a big online world for kingdom hearts <3:36::heart: