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  • I could certainly give you an example. I won't need to be too detailed about it, it's just for practice [also, wanna save that for when we're actually working on settings :p ]

    Just gimme a sec, I'll PM you.
    Yep yep, that's the first thing most people want to learn. But, you also have to remember that, a lot of the time, you aren't making a setting that fits a character, you're making a character that fits a setting or can be part of it.

    Well, if you want to learn about character making, do you want me to just give a lowdown or, would you prefer to do a PM example?
    A'ight, soz, even if I'm not 'official' I'm still very willing ta help you out. Oh, by the by, I occasionally type silly but, know how to clean up when needed.

    Anyway, I'd like to know what you'd prefer to cover first. I know you said you want to learn everything you can, which gives us a lot of ground to go over. :3

    The main things I can think of are settings and world-building, plot making and development, character making and development, and writing flexibility/grammar skills.
    Well, I suggest that you report your situation in the RP Academy thread, and request a new mentor--preferably a more active/prominent member. Take the initiative to find a mentor who suits your needs.
    If you can maintain a comprehensible level of writing throughout the RP, I don't see any problem in it.
    Some advice to you, though (without intending any insult), is to perhaps request a mentor from the Roleplaying Academy. Someone there (myself included) would be more than glad to help you polish up the rougher areas of character templates.

    Whatever you decide, I look forward to seeing the revisions!
    Ah, yes, it's accepted, I don't really turn down anyone for this rp if you hadn't already noticed =)

    The only complaint I have for your temp is that for your history, a kid really wouldn't be able to get ahold of grenades or if they had been able to, there's not a good chance of them knowing how to use the, Other than that, it's fine. Maybe add if your characters family was combat trained at early ages and maybe they were in a war torn area so it would explain the grenades.
    yes, but he would essentially be going crazy over her, and wish to stay with her, such is the effect of her song. And I'm not making this up. That's pretty much how siren's are (though no one actually knows she's a siren as of yet).
    you need to edit your last post in the keyblade war. You ignored my first post for Callie.
    Your welcome! And thank you for accepting my friend request!
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