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  • I'm a creeper and I'm still staring at the picture and his tongue.

    I'm so jealous. >____>
    I saw that picture! I'm such a stalker. But yeah, he's cute. I think I'd have a crush on him, too. I dunno, I think I've always had the standard obsession with Peter Pan but the guy you saw is cuuuuuuute.
    You rid yourself of your dots. o.o
    wooooow. he really is cute. <3
    I miss talking to you, Razzle.
    Peter is adorable. He's flirtatious and brave X3 a brat, but that's part of his charm when it comes down to it :D
    <3 Disney Villains.
    I want a Maleficent statue. never watched Sleeping Beauty, but I lurve her.

    I'm fine :3 finally getting some Re:CoM time down.
    I hate those.
    Ok, so you repped me. I don't even know you, why should I rep you back? Growl.

    :O Disney.
    Run after Mickey and scream at him it's all his fault that Riku went blind.
    :\ get some rest?
    he was annoying me too! XD I friended him because he was being pathetic, then removed him from my friends' list because it was too much.
    I really should start reporting people that ask me for rep in PMs, shouldn't I? It's becoming more and more of them :\
    Ah, you made my day ^_^

    How are you, Razzy?
    That is obvious contradiction in the series but whatever once its laying around the second time they need help to RELEASE IT but fine.
    Explain beezlemons bike in the last tamers movie...
    I know some will agree some will disagree but the movies are not canon.
    Agumon supposedly knew Kari but it wasnt the same one from her chilld hood explain that as well...
    I was referring to how in the show magna mon was born on kens ship but int he show he was born fighting with terriermon.
    It was a one time digivolution. Which according to your post already happened since ken is alseep in dream land howd they get the digimental back?
    Thats all im saying but if you watched runaway locomon Beezlemons bike is back >_>
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