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  • I don't think so, but if the thread is really pointless, then you should delete it. MuffinMan deleted his first thread, so I would delete it.
    Sounds like a good start to me :D I pretty much did the same when I started so take things nice and slow the first few days.
    You're welcome! :D I usually check those sites maybe once everyday? With Japanese sites, I found that Square doesn't really release news on the weekends so from about Friday to Sunday afternoon, there's not really any news.
    I'm learning Japanese currently but I got news from those sites long before I was taking Japanese. Just look for the headers and check out the links linked in that post, if there's any. If there's pictures on the link, you can usually infer what's there and if it's new or not. If there's no English, though, Google translator will probably be your best friend for that sort of stuff. xD; I don't really use it that much, though.
    I think the best resources for new KH info would be Japanese sites. I go to this site called 'FF7AC Reunion' a lot and they normally get news up very quick. You don't necessarily have to be able to read a lot (or any at all) to find KH news. They normally use the initals for which KH game it is in the header and you can interfere some things.
    Japanese blogs get stuff up first, like Light in Chaos. Gamekyo is also really good about getting stuff up quick. I think that's it, though... For things like the official sites updating, just watch the Japanese Square Enix homepage. You have to know some katakana (at least the letters to spell Kingdom Hearts in Japanese 8D;) to know if KH stuff is being posting up, though.

    You can also watch sites like GameFAQs' KH boards, IGN's KH pages, and maybe Kotaku. That's about it, though. ^^;

    Hope that helps and, if you apply, good luck! :D
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